HookedGamers preview: L.A. Noire

HookedGamers writes: "Noir is often considered a genre left to movies and literature. Bullets, booze, femme fatales and moral shades of gray have been explored in cinema via Humphrey Bogart and in books via Raymond Chandler. The themes and ideas exposed have generally been kept away from the video game audience but Australia's Team Bondi have decided to bring those things to the masses with L.A. Noire, as well as promising a few significant changes to the gaming industry itself."

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Doctor Phil2797d ago

I have a PS3, and I think I'm going to pass on this one.....probably the same engine as GTAIV and RDR, which means that it is going to have the same problems - eg. a lower resolution than the xbox counter part.

Too bad, since it seems promising enough gameplay-wise.

Im just not going to spend money on yet another multi platform game.