Retro Fusion's ZX Spectrum Top 50

Retro Fusion's top 50 Sinclair ZX Spectrum games of all time. Do you agree with their choice?

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boyo2833d ago

Jetpac is my favourite out of the 50 :-)

Jdoki2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Worth watching just for the music!

Ah, what a trip down memory lane. Played (and owned) most of those. The Great Escape being a particular fave.

I think the list missed some real gems. Loads of the film to game tie-ins by Ocean were pretty great - especially Robocop. And the lost really needed some of these... Trans-Am, Rolling Thunder, Buggy Boy, Hard Drivin', Elite, Renegade (first game I bought on disc for my +3), Hacker, Green Beret, NOMAD, Alien 8, Motos, Uridium+, ATV Sim, 720, ATF, Ikari Warriors, Captain Blood... the list goes on and on!

boyo2832d ago

Thing is, could you name the games the music come from? :-)