Starcraft 2 gets monthly fee?

In the latest Starcraft 2-build, players are welcomed by a message which says "Playtime has been added". This indicates that a monthly subscription might be the future of Starcraft 2.

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Gun_Senshi3102d ago

Starcraft 2 will be the most pirated game EVER

dommafia3102d ago

there's no lan play and u wont be able to log on battlenet with a pirated copy. I'd love to be proven wrong though

Dreamtale3102d ago

And you can't play on official COD/CS-servers either with a pirated copy. I'm sure there will be ways of playing Starcraft 2 illegaly, though not via the official matchmaking-system, of course.

z1ck3102d ago

gta san andreas didnt had online multiplayer yet theres mods that allow you to play with hundreds of ppl online .