Red Dead Redemption beats Final Fantasy XIII to biggest-selling launch of 2010

Red Dead Redemption is shaping up to be the biggest UK video game launch of 2010 so far - and by some distance.

That's according to leading UK entertainment retailer HMV - who told CVG that the title is outdoing the launch of Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII and other huge 2010 releases.

The firm said it expected Rockstar to sell an astonishing 300,000 copies of Red Dead in its opening two days on the UK market.

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Rucury2949d ago

It deserves it, indeed. Great game.

ThanatosDMC2949d ago

I cant unlock the Assassin's Outfit. I've done everything too... so im taking my frustration out on deers.

AAACE52948d ago

Quality game indeed! I still can't get the multiplayer to work right though! Other than that, I love it!

Serjikal_Strike2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Sleeper Hit of 2010

edit @ disagrees..obviously you guys dont get what im trying to say....up until now nobody ever mentioned RDR will be game of the year...
everybody was talkin bout FF XIII,GOW3,GT5,ME2,HR,TLG,SMG2, AW and all these other hits of 2010...not once the mention of RDR....

ClownBelt2949d ago

What? We know this game will sell in millions.

-Alpha2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

It's far from a "Sleeper Hit"

Demon's Souls was a sleeper hit. Hope they announce #2 for E3, that would make my day.

Montrealien2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Well, I knew this was going to be a hit, that`s why I ordered 100+ on each console for my store alone. A sleeper hit has me running after copies at multiple suppliers because no one saw is coming.

And also, the media blitz Rockstar did in the last 2-3 months kind of nuls out the idea that this is a sleeper hit.

harrisk9542949d ago

From Wikipedia:

A sleeper hit, a.k.a. surprise hit (often simply called a "sleeper"), refers to a film, book, single, album, TV show, or video game that gains unexpected success or recognition. The term can also refer to an individual who enters a group setting and, while at first glance or first interaction seems unimpressive and dispensable, goes on to become an important part of a memorable and enjoyable experience.

RDR is a game from Rockstar, which automatically gives it a high profile with a lot of marketing muscle behind it. It was anticipated by many people. All you have to do is look at how many articles have been posted all over the net in the past year. It was definitely NOT a sleeper hit.

KiRBY30002949d ago

lmao calling a Rockstar blockbuster game a "sleeper hit"!!

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trounbyfire2949d ago

if it stays exclusive then watch out

trounbyfire2949d ago

why even though RDR will sell well it is not getting to the 3.5 mark easily if at all. FFv13 is a given to sale 3 million if it stays exclusive the FF base will see it as the true FF13. people still crap on FF13 because its on 360 and people lost their shit when that guy said FFv13 "could" come to the 360

Obama2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Trounbyfire is right. If it's not exclusive it will be gimped for sure and sales may suffer. Thankfully Nomura wouldn't let this happen.

commodore642948d ago

@ obama

"If it's not exclusive it will be gimped for sure"

Do you mean to say that RDR was also gimped because it was released as a multiplat?
How can this be? The game is AAA.
It stands at 95 on MC - universal acclaim?

Pray tell me, which console seems to be the one that held this game back?

Again, Logic fail.

XDF2949d ago

Got this game in the Mail yesterday. I think it is one of the best looking game out there.

Official General2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

The PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption is not sub-HD at all, thats nonesense. I'll tell you why since you like people to back things up:

FACT - Rockstar have NOT offically made a statement confirming that the PS3 version of Red Dead is sub-HD in 640p. They made the game, they would know if best if was. Remember a few months ago when Remedy offically stated Alan Wake was sub-HD? If Rockstar had done that, then I'll accept it hands down. Until then, the PS3 version is a native 720p like it states on the back of the box.

FACT - Not ONE of the major gaming sites like IGN, Gamespot, GameInformer etc has said anything bad about the PS3 version of Red Dead. Not ONE of them has stated that it was inferior to the 360 version. These reports of the PS3 version being inferior seem to come mostly from more obscure gaming sites or pro-360 sites.

URELIABLE - So some geeky nerd, nobody on NeoGaf proclaims himself the master of counting pixels and High Judge of what is true HD or not. This guy supposedly counts the pixels on the PS3 and 360 versions and finds out the PS3 version is sub-HD. Why should I believe him? Who is he? Is he recognized by the gaming developers as a certified HD approval man? NO he is not. I have no reason to believe him. Back to my other reason - unless Rockstar says so themselves, I'm not believing anything anyone else says.

STRONG POSSIBILITY - These screenshot comparisons of the PS3 vs 360 versions of Red Dead may have doctored or modified to make the PS3 version look bad. I've seen comparisons that nearly had me believing the PS3 was so weak compared to the 360. On the other hand, I've seen other comparisons that clearly show no real difference between the PS3 and 360 versions except for slightly more colour or darkness in the PS3 version (which can be fixed or changed with TV or game settings).

MY OWN CONCLUSIVE JUDGMENT - This is probably the most important part of my evidence. I've given you mostly facts that I dont believe you can argue with. Now here is my view which you can dispute, but I believe I'm a real good judge of good games. I bought the game for my PS3 yesterday, and this is the HONEST truth, no fanboy talk, which I know you hate. The PS3 version of Red Dead looks just fine. It is not sub-HD, it is not blurry and the graphics are not poor quality. The PS3 version looks just fine and in many ways incredible and amazing. Honestly, it does. I will admit I was scared at first, thinking this stuff about a significantly inferior PS3 version may be true. The only bad thing here is a slight framerate issue thats all. The rest is fine. Those screenshot comparisons and sub-HD rumors are complete bull, the PS3 version looks superb. I'm glad I dont follow what anyone says, those bashing the PS3 version on here are just haters.

The game is brilliant so far by the way!

ClownBelt2949d ago

Dude. Just give up. The PS3 version is not on par with the better version AKA 360 version. It's been proven by TRUSTED analyst already.

gamingisnotacrime2949d ago

one pauses the game every 30 seconds and starts looking 32 inches form the tv looking for shadows and other nonsense. Is that worth even mentioning, or eve "analysing"? not imo, i have seen the game running and it looks fluid a great, 360 a little sharpe, cool, but this is not like FF13 PS3 >>>>> FF13 360
the differences are minor and requires analysis, but what gamer plays like that 0_o

madkrazygames2949d ago

All that matters that you enjoy the game bro.

finbars752949d ago

Its not not sub-hd at all.All you do is go into your options and display and put up the brightness and the contrast and it looks fine.I saw all the comparisons from the 360 and ps3 and yes the 360 was better looking until i changed the settings and it looks the same.So get over it a$$holes its not sub-hd at all.

XDF2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Dude, please take off those PS3 fanboy glasses, and you will see blurry textures, missing grasses, and an inferior version. Either that or barrow one of your buds X360 and a copy of RDR and compare them.

"These reports of the PS3 version being inferior seem to come mostly from more obscure gaming sites or pro-360 sites. " Let see, there is one coming 1UP

and another coming from computerandvideogames http://www.computerandvideo...

Are those 2 sites bias against PS3?

"These screenshot comparisons of the PS3 vs 360 versions of Red Dead may have doctored or modified to make the PS3 version look bad." LOL

Denial is the first sign of defeat.

EDIT @finbars75

"I saw all the comparisons from the 360 and ps3 and yes the 360 was better looking until i changed the settings and it looks the same.So get over it a$$holes its not sub-hd at all."

So how do account for missing shadows and missing grasses. It is also coming from MazingerDUDE, which all you guys loved a few weeks back due to his finding of the SCC non 720p resolution.

finbars752949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Like I said above go into your options and display and it will al be taking care of.Theres no denying that there was some blurry textures but because thats all they ever show without tweeking it a little bit.I own all three consoles and I have tried both consoles.I rented the 360 version and bought the ps3.I was disspointed at first but then fixed that.So get over it XDF.Most ports that come from the 360 can always be fixed by going into options but nobody ever tries that and not once has there been a missing a shadows or grasses.Until you have played the game and tweeked it on the ps3 moron then you have sh!t to say.You think I go by some lack of info.I doubt any of them have ever checked what can be done to fix these minor problems.I think you have mistaken me for someone else because who the f%?k is mazinger.DONT ALWAYS GO BY WHAT YOU READ OR SEE GENERIC DOUCHEBAG.

XDF2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

you the idiot. Tell me, you can fix 640p to native 720p, fix the framerate and add more grass and add shadows with some sort of magic trick from the option? Please show us a step by step procedure of this great hidden option.

Official General2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

@ XDF - Who is MazingerDUDE? Sorry his name dont ring a bell.Well my friend if you can:

1) Show me any major, credible gaming site like IGN, Gamespot, GameInformer etc, that states the PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption is inferior (more or less impossible, as none of them have stated this). 1UP's review says nothing bad about the PS3 version and here is the link

2) Show me an official quote or statement from Rockstar that states the PS3 version of Red Dead is sub-HD at 640p. If you can find one, then please do show me.

3) Somehow magically condition my eyesight to visualize blurry and crappy graphics whenever I play the PS3 version of Red Dead. Can you do that? I really wonder how you will do that, because my eyes looking at Red Dead playing on a 20' Sony Bravia HDTV in 720p says otherwise.

Do all those 3 things and then I will accept your claims and you win the argument. Until then, please zip your mouth closed if you have no substantial evidence to back your claims. You wont be doing yourself any favours. Carry on clutching at straws, in fact there are no straws to even clutch. The whole sub-HD thing is complete BS.

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