Hang On, Killzone 3 & LittleBigPlanet 2 Were Announced Before E3?

PushSquare: "E3 is weeks away. Literally just weeks. If you’d have asked me a couple of months ago what I believed would be the biggest Playstation 3 titles to debut at the event I’d have said Killzone 3. I’d have said LittleBigPlanet 2. But both of those games have been announced – one officially, one unofficially. Killzone 3 leaked last night out of an issue of GamePro. The term “leaked” should be used loosely though – this magazine is due to go on shelves June 1st, roughly two weeks before E3. So, what you’re trying tell me is that said games have been announced before E3? Wow…"

"Twiggy's" got more of a question than opinion today -- with LBP2 and Killzone 3 already known entities, exactly what could Sony possibly have planned for E3?

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blizzard_cool3131d ago

I think that they don't have a problem with them "leaking" so early cause the main focus of E3 is going to be to showcase the games.
Maybe we even get to see Lost Guardian gameplay.

kratos1233131d ago

i think they will have a on stage presentation of the last guardian
but maybe just maybe there gonna show shenmeu 3
do you now how big that will be the internet would explode
but the chanses of that happening would be 1 out of 100
this e3 will be crazy fore sure

ZombieAutopsy3131d ago

shenmeu 3 if the rumors are true prolly wouldnt be revealed until TGS

darkmurder3131d ago

Its better for them to be announced then leaked I guess.

Chubear3131d ago

Wonder what their big bang is going to be to end the presentation. It's always been a jaw dropper exclusive title announcement coming out the next year.

WhittO3131d ago

Ye everyone knows K3 will be there, so its not really a leak, just makes me look forward to the gameplay even more since we know its deffo gona be there now.

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TOO PAWNED3131d ago ShowReplies(4)
sikbeta3131d ago

We Have LBP2 a week ago, now KZ3 and a Hint of Man Furismo Jive, Three Games Before E3, Sony is really Confident and Sure We'll see Loads of Games @ E310

Akagi3131d ago

Demon's Souls 2, pleeeeease.

ViciousBoston3131d ago

I disagree, I think Sony has something hardware planned such as the PSP2. They're leaking these games now to throw the scent off the sniffing dogs. They'll be so busy looking for more info on these 2 games than anything else Sony "might" have.

Andronix3131d ago

Why did Sony reveal Killzone 3 and LBP2 to magazines, when there could have been some real excitement if they were all a surprise reveal at E3? Now when they show LBP2 or KZ3 footage it might look great, but it won't have the impact of a first reveal. I hope they are keeping something back (not just Resistance 3).

Imperator3131d ago

The only reason they would do that is because they have been bigger things to reveal at E3. I know, crazy, but Sony has always been known as the best when it comes to delivering games.

TooTall193131d ago

Nothing is bigger than Killzone 3! I'm still hoping they show a 3D trailer at E3. I don't care about E3 as much now, but I'm definitely picking up that magazine as soon as it hits stores!

Legosz3131d ago

I hope not but I fear the worst. Sony might realize that E3 is right around the corner and they only have Lost Guardian, GT5, and Agent to display.

fossilfern3131d ago

leaked or anounced either way KILLZONE 3 ! !!!!!!!!! YES!

boodybandit3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Who cares that these games were already announced?
OMG I am shocked! I would have never guessed in a million years there would be sequels to LBP or Killzone 2. I am still in complete disbelief!

Seriously. How many earth shaking industry changing announcements are ever made at E3 or any other gaming show that we didn't already know were coming? People are never satisfied. It was too hyped! It failed to live up to the hype! Stop hyping this so much! Why is there so much hype surround </insert what ever product being hyped here>?

Then they are followed by countless articles discussing if, why or how they did or did not live up to the hype.

The only reason I enjoy game shows like E3 is to see the games in action, get hands on opinions and new information on upcoming releases whether it's games, perps, options and features or new systems.

pixelsword3130d ago

...I like your style. :D

Applegate3131d ago

Well MS also leaked Gears 3 before E3...

cereal_killa3131d ago

It's not really a leak when the developer themselves announces the game on a TV show. personally if they didn't want to release games like this they wouldn't have let it get out into the open they have ways of stopping stuff like this getting to the public with contracts and not allowing cameras while showing the games to these sites/magazines. Don't get me wrong I know some site would release info like this just to get the "HITS" but the amount of money they would or could be sued for breaching a contract would not be worth the "HITS" because you would be bankrupted or even jailed just look at some of those guys who tried to release some of those big named blockbuster movies (Star Wars and Transformers)

Commander TK3131d ago

Sony sucks balls at keeping secrets

Imperator3131d ago

No, Sony INTENTIONALLY revealed the two game through official sources. There is a HUGE difference between a game getting "leaked" and an official reveal.

Droid Smasha3131d ago

sonys E3 announcements have ALWAYS been leaked. Everybody knew what they were going to show last year

N4BmpS3131d ago

Both LBP2 and KZ3 were intentional this should tell anyone that Sony probably has something Big planned for E3. Two huge reveals tell me we're getting something really catastrophic(not really but huge) at E3.

8thnightvolley3131d ago

i am sure sony knws what they are doing its ok e3 will have its bucket loads

badz1493131d ago

they ANNOUNCED those games in magazines? how's that a leak? I don't really care about E3 because now I know that there are awesome games I'm looking forward to for my PS3!

I know a lot of people will say that Sony presentation is boring if they show these games later on stage but for me, what the hell is wrong with showing awesome games on stage even if you knew about it already?? E3 is not won by stealing games or lame surprises, GAMES win the E3 and Sony is looking to have many in the sack! - pun intended!

harrisk9543131d ago

I don't think that the "leak" of KZ3 was that big a deal, considering that it was common knowledge that it was in the works. However, I think that LBP2 was a HUGE reveal before E3. It is getting me excited for the fact that if they can allow both of these games to become public (with Sony actively pushing info out on LBP2), then what the heck could we have in store for us at E3?

I want to see Agent, FFVXIII, and the Last Guardian with release dates, and some really AMAZING Move games. And how about Mass Effect being announced for the PS3.

Oh and how about a deal with Google TV to put it on the PS3 as part of the XMB... considering that Google TV includes Hulu (at least it looked that way at the Google i/o conference), that would be huge.

rob60213130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Last year the big leak was Team ICo's game.. That pretty much sank Sony's big reveal.. That was leaked, so was the PSPgo. All the stuff we've seen so far wasn't leaked, it was formally announced.

Mass Effect could happen, given Microsoft's record of doing timed exclusives.

Darkstorn3131d ago

It means Sony's going to have so much other impressive stuff that these 'leaks' won't implicate them much. I'm excited!

karl3131d ago

i have to agree

its seems that its working.. this time. KZ3 its getting more hype than kz2
u can already see all the articles in the front page of N4G.

it will sell really well i say =)

DeadlyFire3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

There is still Agent, Last Guardian, Ape Escape. All have yet to be revealed and confirmed to be coming at some point. There are also the rumored games.

Resistance 3, Starhawk, Motorstorm 3, Infamous 2, Planetside Next(MMO), Until Dawn(MMO)

There is also eat sleep play's two projects they have one of which is said to be Twisted Metal game and Insomoniac has another IP coming along they said. I believe it will be multiplatform though not sure.

Maybe another game. Which is a shot in the dark. Called Exodyssey. PS3 tech demo was built for that game last year at some point. Nothing more has been said about it. No real platform or anything was announced. < Lastest trailer. Not gameplay, but shows some art styling of it and kinda gives ya a picture of what its about. Art is from the CG styled book or something I believe.

There are always a few other rumors as well.

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Rainstorm813131d ago

Something no one expects, I love new IPs and give us some surprises that not even the great and all seeing Michael Pacther can see coming./s

TOO PAWNED3131d ago

I think there will be new IPs, especially for move. That said, i expect LBP2 and KZ3 and Socom 4 to have their 5 to 7 min on stage-.

Dylantalon13131d ago

i cant wait to see syphon filter and the get away 3 on ps3.

DeadlyFire3130d ago

I believe it is more likely Getaway 3 will be on PS4. You never know though. They have never said they are canning Getaway or Eight Days projects. Just putting them aside on shelve so they could show up.

The Meerkat3131d ago

If KZ3 nails the 3D then every other FPS will feel like something is missing.

Cueil3131d ago ShowReplies(3)
NeoBasch3131d ago

My guess is that Sony will push 3D gaming at E3. Their whole presentation might be in 3D. I imagine the press will be all shades. They'll likely show off Killzone 3, Resistance 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Agent, Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian, and inFamous 2 (definitely going to reveal this baby, since it probably will release before E3 next year). They'll probably have a Final Fantasy Versus XIII surprise trailer or something... maybe. And the final reveal will be a teaser for Uncharted 3. I'd love to see Eight Days though.

Cueil3131d ago

I'm calling it... I've said it before and I'll say it again... PSP2 will be the main thing for Sony this E3 and I think it'll be massive... hopefully people outside of Japan will buy it


I got nothing against the PSP, but i really dont care for handheld gaming, I'd rather see companies like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica and Kojima productions work on more great games for the PS3

kanetheking3131d ago

i think ppl outside japan got it lol.