Gamekult - Modnation Racer Review

A good copy, although not devoid of fun and tactical, but not very original, by definition. ModNation can still count on his armored multiplayer and community platform for thoughtful bridge PS3 owners in need of creativity.

These are few words the french webzine use to describe Modnation racers.

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Hanif-8762980d ago

So at least now i know that this isn't a good reviewer because ModNation Racers is the best kart game around.

2980d ago
Milky2980d ago

woah they didn't like it very much. I guess they don't like having lots of fun? Or maybe its because they can't stand letting there creative side go wild?

poopface12980d ago

This game is a disappointment.

Anarki2980d ago

I've played it and loved it