Why KillZone 3 Will Be Awesome

As you my know some new news has just come out about Killzone 3 which is obviously a sequel to Killzone 2, if your new to killzone or just love listening to why you should buy it then let me talk to you :)
before I start this I must remind you i’m not a fanboy, I only own a Nintendo Wii and its broken :)

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Dylantalon12797d ago

i cant wait to see the jet pack in killzone 3.

arakouftaian2797d ago

So was the dogs that i hope they made it in Killzone 3.

why will Killzone 3 will be good?
Because it will KILZON3D every body

i just have been Killzon3d and want to buy a new 3dtv.

(A massage for the haters.
Killzone 1 yes was bugy but a great game
and Killzone 2 is a great gameAAA it deserver respect
stop hateing this baby because GG have prove themself)

sid4gamerfreak2797d ago

"A massage for the haters"

Um, youll want to communicate the right message, some people might take it the wrong way...

OT: Am just getting a ps3 and hopefully a 3Dtv so I can see this baby in 3D!!!

Nike2797d ago

"A massage for the haters."

I don't hate it. Am I still eligible, handsome? ;D

Chubear2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Yeah the Dogs were definitly making an appearance and with these type of graphics and processing power over the PSP, look to see them even more insanely rabid and ferocious.

Oh, and I must say, with all the bugs KZ1 had, it didn't have nearly as much as a lot of current gen "AAA" games have had and they were over looked.

E.g KZ1's main well known bugs were texture pop-in caused main by the PS2 not being able to handle all they were throwing at it but have you guys not played Mass Effect1? That game had crazy texture pop-ins but hey, not at all an issue.

KZ1 also had bugs that cut out sound (need I list all the games this gen that this has happened too :( ) and had documented issues with loading areas up when qued which wasn't at all rampant but let's not forget, Assasin's Creed had 10x more bugs than KZ1 had on the PS3 but it still got 9s and those problems weren't even talked about in many reviews.

KZ1's issues were the beginning of the PS exclusives insane hate where relatively small things were completely blown way out of proportion and focus on all the incredible things KZ1 presented to FPSs as a game where largely overlooked.

If you haven't played KZ1, go find it and play it. I belived the FUD for nearly a year still I rented it after gamespots 6.9 rating and still smack myself upside the head for listening to reviews. That game was easily a 9type experience and certainly no less than an 8type experience but 7,6 or 5? BS.

Sarcasm2796d ago

I agree to everyone that KZ1 isn't terrible. It's just not super amazing either. But it's still worth a play through IMO. Hardware limitations held it back.

KZ2. Most advanced Hit Detection system and graphics ever seen on a console FPS? Nuff' Said.

Chubear2796d ago

check out a review from a gamer that played KZ1 for the first time after playing KZ2

ThanatosDMC2796d ago

I hope there's a Killzone Liberation 2.

TotalPS3Fanboy2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Completely destructible environments

Diverse environments

Unlike Killzone 2, in Killzone 3,
"...a Killzone inch is a Killzone inch..."
"...the scale and size of levels..."
"...everything is bigger this time."

"...enemy bullets that whiz by your head..."
"...thousands of snow flakes showering down on
"...The snow effects in Killzone 3 are
"...sensory overload..."
"...scorching, intense action..."

"absurdly devastating weapon... of mass
destruction..." like the Wasb

Vehicle combat
"Killzone 3, in particular, embraces elements... such as vehicle based combat..."

Enhance melee system
"...timing your melee attacks correctly allows
you to do things like stomp on an enemy's face
with your boot..."

young juice2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

if they get rid of the cover system everything will be perfect.
i was playing twister with my fingers just because the controller layout was kinda weird the way i had it.

they got rid off it online anyway so its not really needed in campaign.

but i hate using the R3 button to zoom. its very uncomfortable. and when i switched the controls it gave me arthritis....not really... but it was very uncomfortable and i could do without.

raztad2796d ago


I seriously doubt they will get rid of it. GamePro says the combat mechanics is the same.

BTW, you dont have to use cover if you dont want to.

Noctis Aftermath2796d ago

There are two things i hope are improved from killzone 2.

1) A much larger variety of colors(by that i also mean most levels not being inside an ugly ass man made facility, an open sky that isn't filled with smoke)

2)Gameplay: i think killzone 2 had to "heavy" of controls, i don't want it to be completely arcade like call of duty but more like BFBC2.

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Sarcasm2796d ago

Why water will make you wet.

We know... KZ3 will pwn.

Trey_4_life2796d ago

We all no why KZ3 will be awesome, because it will make halo reach look like a wii port, nuff said.

hennessey862795d ago

i havnt laughed like that in a long time killzone does not play no where near as good as halo and it never will u noob killzone 2 looked average and played average but u have to be level headed to no that not a ps3 fan girl

mythamp2795d ago

I dont think trey was comparing kz2's gameplay with halo, which you intentionally ignored or are too young to understand, he said wii port, obviously referring to its graphics, so simmer down mate and atleast accept that bit of truth.

FACTUAL evidence2796d ago

Cuz killzone 2 Killzoned the media, and now they won't doubt the 3rd!

sikbeta2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Why? Well cos:


That's it...


@FACTUAL evidence


The_Zeitgeist2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

@Imperator . I don't think they are gonna up the visuals much. They will prob just tweak the game play, AI etc. Seems like a very fast turn around to have much in the way up big updates. I bet it will look better just based on the fact that everyone complained about a lack of varied enviroments in Killzone 2.

Croaker2796d ago

KillZone 3 won't be a mil-sim. If you want to know what a mil-sim is go look at ArmA II or the original Flashpoint.

KillZone 3 isn't exactly arcade but it isn't mil-sim.

And for the record Kill Zone 3 will most probably be an amazing experience, I enjoyed KZ2. Have high hopes for KZ3 being as good if not better.


Killzone 2's online multiplayer wasn't that great for me exactly because the identity crysis between an Arcade Gameplay Setting with Tactial Gameplay Mechanics. Ok, so you have actual mass and jumping, running, turning and stopping all become more realistic, also aiming is not a fix dot on your screen with some variation around the dot, but actually the point being aimed at change dinamically as the virtual you breath or the real life you shake hands (at least for sniper)... At the same time, every game is respawn based, there is a lil bit of auto aim (that I believe wasn't there when the game first came out, but got patched in as crybabies begged for it), there are turrets and drones that will play alone for you, either the bullet damage is too low or the health/resistance is too high...

This combination was good for a while but after 2 months I came back to SOCOM Confrontation. Before SOCOM was out I played COD4 for a long time and that game sucked donkey ball except for hardcore mode. If Killzone 3 had the setting ot the option to be more realistic it would still not be a mil-sim but would be a much better game than Killzone 2 and a more catchy one too.

Arnon2796d ago



xabmol2795d ago

I would agreed with you..........if I had never played Uncharted2.

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Imperator2796d ago

Becuase it's PS3 exclusive. Not only that, but they'll improve everything. I mean think about it. If GG were able to create such a great game on their FIRST try, imagine their second. It's going to be incredible.

kaveti66162796d ago

Reduce the amount of profanity in Killzone 3. KZ2 had some really fantastic moments that were ruined by either Garza or Natco or Rico because those guys curse way too much. I for one understand that cursing is a natural for soldiers but their voices are so bloody annoying.

360degrees2796d ago

the graphics were slightly above average for KZ2, and the gameplay felt pretty much standard, but here are some pointers for KZ3;
1.Fix the sluggish aiming system
2.Better character development
3.Online matchmaking needs an overhaul
4.Tone down excessive recoil on weapons
5.Possibly mix up the locale of environments(even the new iteration of Gears of War has managed to add Some green)

bjornbear2796d ago

damn MW-pea shooters

realism is imperative in KZ...those guns would have recoil.

aaronisbla2796d ago

slightly above average graphics? wow...

Sevir042796d ago

You should get your eyes checked.

badz1492796d ago

another MW fanatics complaining about KZ2 control and recoil! NOOB!

but the above average graphic comment is priceless - because he kinda admitted that almost no games on 360 are above average LOL!

better character development? KZ is not an RPG you know!

add some green? KZ3 is adding snow! so? white is not good enough?

el zorro2796d ago

Well, the graphics were well above average. In fact, they were quite good. That said, I do think they have been way overhyped by certain fanboys. The lighting is the single biggest thing that made it stand out and look good.

mal_tez922796d ago

1. The aiming has an awesome sense of weight that takes skill to use, but makes for a much more enjoyable experience compared to games where the guns weight 10 grams. The same goes for the movement, you move like a pesron in KZ2, you move like a floating gun in CoD

2. This too I want. Killzone 1 had awesome characters and story, but KZ2 was lacking these

3. I never had any trouble finding a match

4. The shooting in KZ2 is by FAR the best in any FPS game. The recoil and weight of the weapons makes for a much more skillfun and enjoyable game.

5. I liked how KZ2 looked. Awesome environments in every level. It really felt like you were on an alien planet because of the darkness. And there was variety too, thre city levels were great, but so were the wasteland, train and fortress levels.

And as for the graphics... "slightly above average" ? really?

Killzone 2 looks better than any console game available today. Games like Uncharted 2 and GoW 3 come very close, but I think KZ2 looks the best.

hennessey862795d ago

a like minded gamer have a bubble im sick of hearing about greyzone 2 graphics they were nothing special uncharted 2 was special

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badz1492796d ago

I wonder what they'll use in KZ3. it'll support 3D, so...maybe...umm..."War Perfect3D"?

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trounbyfire2797d ago

how many people are going to try and get in on the KZ3 hype. bottom feeders

playstation_clan2796d ago

you do know halo reach is on pre-order

DA_SHREDDER2796d ago

Fix the controls and I will buy forsure.


Then you are a gamer with Zero skills?

KZ2 proves it is only for skilled players.

The_Zeitgeist2796d ago

Yeah I dug the defualt controlls in K2 I just changed the sensetivity.

DA_SHREDDER2796d ago

No, i dont suck, i just like to have fun when i play video games.

The_Zeitgeist2796d ago

The controls in K2 were so customizable that you have no reason to complain.

DA_SHREDDER2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Whatever, im so sick of you guys calling me a noob. Just add me and see who sucks and who doesn't. Oh and when i say the controls suck, im referring to the laggy controls, but ya, I guess the control setup could be better too. Using L2 to crouch and what not was stupid, and honestly I wish that we could prone since the cover system is only for the single player mode. But whatever, you guys want broken game mechanics? Well I guess Guerrilla will deliver.

Anon73492796d ago

Yes, you are a noob. If you want prone in killzone which is a horrible idea. Go play your other crappy games with prone like MW2, enjoy your campers.

Also, I don't think you know what "laggy" means, there's no possible way you can have "laggy" controls especially in single player. The term you were looking for is "slow" controls, not laggy you dumbass, you don't even know what that means.

Just stick to COD: black oops, kid.


Lack of skills = Complaining about the controls.

There is a fix about that, practice. Broken mechanic it is only for yourself if you don't practice, no skills = Broken mechanic.

Arnon2796d ago

"Yes, you are a noob. If you want prone in killzone which is a horrible idea. Go play your other crappy games with prone like MW2, enjoy your campers."

Prone is for noobs? My god, you console fans are hilarious. Keep believing that Killzone is some sort of sim. I'll continue to live in reality.

xabmol2795d ago

"A poor workman always blames his tools."

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execution172796d ago

the controls are SPOT ON!!!
its better that way, because the people with skill are usually on top the leaderboards

zeddy2796d ago

totaly agree dude controls need fixing, i dont really care about skill all i care is about having fun and killzone 2 online was 20% fun and 80% frustrating as hell.

duplissi2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

are you guys all morons? holy sh*t! he didnt like the feel of the controls... whoopidy freakin doo... jeeze not everyone fits the square hole.

oh and btw i loved every second of killzone 2, i just dont have the misfortune of getting offended when someone doesnt like what i do.

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peterdawa2796d ago

Killzone 1 was very good.

fOrlOnhOpe572796d ago

I think I estimated about 6-700hours playing it all told - but never on line(pre internet for me)
More often I would play the game's Battlefield component so it was really something to see GG produce some of those maps for Killzone 2.

It feels like the franchise has found its feet and created its own unique place within the FPS genre.
As one of Sony 's topline developers - and knowing of the collaboration with other notables - everything should be inplace for a true gaming experience. And in 3D. Could it get any better?

duplissi2796d ago

yeah the first killzone is one of my favorite games from last gen. i waited and waited for that game, and bought i despite the reviews. that game was hated on for no good reason.

raztad2796d ago

I beat KZ1. Enjoyed every moment. Great story, exciting combat.

Many people hated KZ1 because it didnt allow bunny jumps. I loved it. Slow paced and tactical, that is KZ.