Alan Wake fails to ignite the charts

Alan Wake's first week sales are not as good as expected for this Xbox 360 exclusive game. Are the figures a wake up call for Microsoft and Remedy?


Some more figures to highlight the lower than expected sales are included (a comparison to GOD of War III and Heavy Rain) and enhanced the fact that the figures are for Europe only.

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ClownBelt2982d ago

And they say PS3 games don't sell well...

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qface642982d ago

this game is out? when did that happen o.O

MGRogue20172982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

... You wanna' know why "Alan Wake fails to ignite the charts"??

It's because people in Europe aren't stupid.. we know exactly what we're going to buy before we buy it. :D

Alan Wake is extremely linear & isn't worth buying at the current price it's retailing at.

karl2982d ago

i hate that linear argument. being linear is a good thing for games like alan wake...

im not saying alan wake is a good game, nor bad, i havent played it but its an story driven game and it should be linear =S just like uncharted2 or gow3, 2 of the most amazing games ive played this gen..

ThanatosDMC2982d ago

The main reason why people hate Alan Wake for its linearity is because they said it was open world to begin with then changed their mind.

Misterhbk2982d ago

I hate that people say "being linear is grat for games like this"

but as soon as someone brings up a FF game is all "blah blah blah, too linear, too linear" gtfo here!

karl2982d ago

i dont think anyone said anything about FF in here

but im only going to say that what i dont like about FF (ive only played 13) is that the story isnt integrated into the gameplay.. u have the cutscenes and then u have the game totally split... not even combat is integrated into the world.. everytime something happens the games has to take out of the world breaking the illusion.

the game has no scripts .. everything is so empty for me.

still i would give 13 an 8 just cuz i like the story the relationship between the characters and the beautiful cutscenes...

Hudahudahuda2982d ago

Wow! Since when does linear mean bad? Some of the greatest games off all time are linear. Resident Evil 4? God of War trilogy? ring any bells? Alan Wake has some problems, but it being linear is not one of them.

PS360_372981d ago

UC2 which if I do recall got game of the year was as linear as Alan Wake.

Biggest2981d ago

It's strange. People that don't like certain consoles had issues with Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 being linear. They even went so far as to say the combat for both games was too limited and not fresh enough. Now Alan Wake has both problems and didn't seem to sell very well. Which sucks. New types of games on the 360 is always what I felt was needed. But I was wrong.

N4BmpS2981d ago

I too hate it when people say "this game is linear," as if that's a bad thing. Look any and everything well structured with a story is linear GTAIV is linear in story telling(the main story anyway) Uncharted/2, linear, GoW; linear, Metal Gear Solid, Halo(if you actually played the game for it's story)Mario, Fallout 3 and others a like are essentially Linear in some way.

Some people don't realize this but the only reason they may think a linear game is bad is because they heard some piece of crap journalist mention linearity in a form of disdain or disappointment. Essentially that person who listened to that D-bag journalist didn't have enough sense to disagree or develop his/her own opinion.

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captain-obvious2982d ago

i told you PPL dont hype this game too much
im still renting it
i'll do that after i finish RDR

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kaveti66162982d ago

Bungie was a 360 fanboy. I think he would be defending Alan Wake.

lelo2play2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

LOL... They are using vgchartz numbers.

88,177 units sold in Europe... no american numbers. What do you know, exactly the same numbers that are in the article.

Unbelievably. When are people going to stop using vgchartz sales for reference. Everybody knows their numbers are made up.

Better wait for official numbers to pass judgment.

Cueil2982d ago

VGChartz numbers are almost always within 10 percent of official numbers and they also have Walmart numbers that no one else has... their shit isn't made up and it's always adjusted when new data comes in.

Cueil2982d ago

No... notice that only Europe got it on the 14th... that was Fri... those are day one sales in a single territory. So next week will have US and Europe sales for the first week. Hopefully we'll see numbers on Tue or Wed

sid4gamerfreak2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

If the superior pc version was announced, their sales would be higher

GAM3R7l2982d ago

....getting tired of playing Crysis over, and over, and over, and over, and over again?

OrganicMachine2982d ago

I actually did that... that game had soooo much potential.. too bad it fell short on the gameplay department, I think their designers were too short minded..

I was doing some tricked out kills on Crysis like Hoping on trees and then shooting off koreans, confusing the A.I. by sprinting, killing one, then go invisible and then go around another A.I. and shoot it and Grab the last one by the neck and threw it over the cliff..

fun times..

ColdFire2982d ago

Oops yep, despite easily having more exclusives than both consoles put together, PC's users only play Crysis :P

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

No console gamers can't upgrade their consoles, but considering PS3 is going to have around a 10 year life span and in that time i'd have to buy at least 3 graphic card at £200+ and a load of other shit, i'm not going to go back to PC.

Also, I'm assuming Coldfire was being sarcastic and is a PC gamer.

ColdFire2982d ago

Dammit, I forgot to put a sarcasm mark. PC gamer here. But I do play console. PC exclusives of note this year, (not all).

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty
All Points Bulletin
Command & Conquer 4
Elemental: War of Magic
Guild Wars 2
ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead
Storm of War: Battle of Britain
Civilisation V
Star Trek Online
Napoleon: Total War
Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy
Silent Hunter 5
Natural selection 2
Global Agenda
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Tactical Intervention
Lego universe
Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer
Stalker Call of Pripyat
Heroes of Newerth
Mount & Blade: Warband
The Settlers 7: Paths to a kingdom
Victoria 2
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
Forged by Chaos
Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising
Anno 1404: Venice
Diablo III (Might be 2011)
Deus Ex 3 (Might become multi-plat)
Supreme Commander 2 (Multi-plat RTS, so basically PC)
R.U.S.E (Multi-plat RTS, so basically PC)

mittwaffen2982d ago

Company of Heros - KING OF RTS.

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Army_of_Darkness2982d ago

that title alone sounds boring... If I didn't know what this game was about and saw it at a store, I probably would of over looked it...

it should have been called "Flashlight in the darkness"!!
ooOOooOh, gives me goosebumps already:P

Briefcase Joe2982d ago

but your comment made me laugh.

sikbeta2982d ago

Even If I'm not a x360 supporter, I'm here to say, don't care about the title, just:


That's it...

pixelsword2982d ago

I would say that the game may have long legs, just like Ratchet and Clank: a crack in time. It's not a bad thing, it may just take more time for the game to hit it's expected numbers.

Games4M - Rob2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I would just say that Alan Wake was over-hyped and as a game is just a bit meh.

Imperator2982d ago

360 games are known for selling the majority of their sales within the first month. After that, they mostly just die out. Of course, there are exceptions such as Halo 3 which did have VERY long legs.

callahan092982d ago

Probably should not have released the game on the same day as Red Dead Redemption. I took the plunge and bought them both, but I guess there wasn't quite so many who did that. Personally, I loved Alan Wake and I'd have to recommend it to anyone who likes supernatural suspense and has a 360.

nupes982982d ago

I completely agree with you

WMW2982d ago

it didn't help having lbp2 take away from awake wake's hype either plus the poor reviews.

ChronoJoe2981d ago

We'll see how Modnation Racers went down for a fairer comparison. MNR and RDR shared the same EU release dates, with differing US release dates, but close enough.

Imperator2982d ago

Ouch. The game is good but I have no idea what the heck Remedy was doing for so many years. Definitely just a rental.

Oh, and hopefully 360 fans will stop harassing PS3 games for "not selling well." LOL.

TheXgamerLive2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

They took thr wrong DATA. Why, I don't know.

Stay tuned for an update to this and a correct one, the game sold incredible worldwide.

HolyOrangeCows2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

It failed to ignite....our hearts.

5 years for that? Ouch.
Hopefully they at least break even with the obscene amount of product placement they have.
Energizer® Batteries – Keep Going® LOL

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niceguywii602982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

WoW you know PS3 fanboys are frustrated and nervous when they know the news is bogus and they still give their trolling opinions based on the fiction of the misleading and false news. E3 right around the corner. But I'm also starting to think PS3 fans are not smart or kids or something.

Mike134nl2982d ago

To be fair it launched at the same date as lost planet 2, which seems to be fairing a lot better than alan wake. And yes lost planet 2 sales are higher on the xbox 360 (according to vgchartz that is).
Since the beta has ended for halo reach (I think) the sales might pick up later in the month.

jwatt2982d ago

It also wasn't smart to release it on the same day as Red Dead!

MadMan002982d ago

LOL, they don't, it took how many years to actually make a FEW good games ( Sells wise ).

PS3 is FINALLY competition for the 360 it'll take a couple years before they reach sales like 360 has done...Sales can be proven as FACT.

I'm not even buying this game, I own PS3 and 360 both I like PS3 more, but 360 has more accomplishments then Ps3 does when it comes to NON-sequels.

Too bad SE is gonna sellout to MS or Versus would have destroyed 360...But hey they cna gain more money from it, so why not?

cayal2982d ago

I'd say it is even

Gears of War, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect
Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Demon Souls, Uncharted

massapeal2982d ago

no one sell well any more only the will sell more

AAACE52982d ago

It was an extremely stupid move to release a new IP witha game like RDR on the same day! I originally intended to get both when one was suppose to release in april and the other in may.

When you release a game, especially a new one, I don't care how much hype you put into it, you want to give it a release window all it's own!

I don't know what idiot told publishers to release their high profile game with another one. I guess they figured that gamers would just buy both while they were at the store! They must not realize that we are still in a recession and that only the truely diehard gamers would still spend that much money on a bunch of games.

MNicholas2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

involving space marines it's very unlikely to ignite the charts.

Microsoft was trying to capture the audience that used to be Halo fans but are now older with a less silly game but the problem is that such people either grow out of games all together or just remain stuck in the same mindset and play the same kinds of games over and over and over and over and over ...

MNicholas2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

it's very unlikely to ignite the charts.

Stupid people like stupid games. Microsoft was trying to capture the audience that used to be Halo fans but are now older with a less silly game based on somewhat similar structural concepts but the problem is that such people tend to either grow out of games all together or just remain stuck in the same mindset and play the same kinds of games over and over and over and over and over ...

Absolut_Turkey2982d ago

Why is this news? Are people really that surprised? Weeks ago I predicted that Red Dead Redemption would outsell Alan Wake on the Xbox. It was just as obvious then than it is now. Microsoft fans really need to stop over-hyping their exclusives...cough cough...Halo: Reach.

MadMan002981d ago

Dude it's a Rockstar game, that's as obvious as saying the grass is green.


DatNJDom812981d ago

people saying that its failing cause it dropped when red dead redemption dropped are naive. ya making it sound like red dead redemption is an established ip. read dead revolver, although a good game in my opinion, wasnt the super seller and it didnt get the best review scores. Alan wake isnt selling good cause its not a shooter. its not for kids. the majority of xbox owners are little dumb ass kids that play halo and cod. i bet it would have sold better on ps3. need proof? heavy rain sold well and its a new IP for mature gamers. its a shame cause even though alan wake doesnt fall down when hes hit by a house, car, tractor, etc. it did seem to be a good game. aww well... so much for new console gfx king/ PS3 exclusive killer. *smirks*

DaTruth2981d ago

"even though alan wake doesnt fall down when hes hit by a house"

Thanks for that laugh! I don't think even Master Chief or Kratos could just shrug off a blow from a house!

Sarcasm2981d ago

Linear games aren't bad.

Alan Wake just isn't the amazing OMG PS3 exclusive Killer 360 kids were hyping it up to be.

vhero2981d ago

I called this! I said it wasn't gonna sell well long before it was release. You could check back through my comments if old site was still alive. It's the genre that killed it simple as. I said it then and there. Look at alone in the dark numbers.. That was an established IP and could barely shift 1 million in numbers.. Can we finally admit either this is a dying genre or on the 360 unless its an FPS only the biggest name games will shift BIG numbers. I think its the latter personally since Resident Evil 5 sold so well but that probably sold on its brand name.

Remedy are gonna be real upset with these numbers they need the game to sell millions considering how long they worked on it or they could go into serious debt with this . This kind of bad sales kills companys.

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SixZeroFour2982d ago

i havent seen any tv ads for this...could be one reason

thats too bad too...although, it could still sell well in the long run...i havent gotten it myself, cause of financial problems, but i still very much so want to get this game

MaximusPrime2982d ago

True. I havent seen a single advert. I didnt know alan wake is out now

N4GAddict2982d ago

Microsoft has really dropped the ball with marketing this game.

Strange_Evil2982d ago

The game isn't selling for a number or reasons... Firstly, the game is a survival horror which doesn't have a market as big as the shooters.. In fact, half the kids who play shooters will sh!t in their pants playing such games, so it looses a significant market there itself... Secondly, the mixed reviews didn't help either, it stands with a meta of 82 which is good, but nowhere near the AAA standards which people hyped it to be.

Lastly, Red Dead Redemption also must have eaten a huge share of the sales. Not only that, RDR turned out to be huge on meta as well along with the marketing of R*, it just overshadowed AW.

Cheeseknight282982d ago

Red Dead got my money. I passed on Alan Wake because I am just borrowing it from a friend (And he is borrowing Red Dead).

Hope this turns out good for MS eventually, but for now it seems like Alan Wake is gonna be a poor sell.

sikbeta2982d ago

"the game is a survival horror which doesn't have a market as big as the shooters"

Sad, but True :(


bioshock12212982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I know I remember Microsoft saying when they first announced Alan Wake that when it was going to be released they were going to advertise it like a summer blockbuster movie and yet here it is and it hasn't gotten any advertisement at all. So how are people suppose to know it exists. It's a shame it's a great game but Microsoft doesn't seem concerned with making this game sell. Word of Mouth will probably help this game.

It's an awesome game it's my favorite game this gen already just love the atmosphere and the story. Reviewers where very nit picky when reviewing this game most only said the bad thing was the lip syncing which isn't as bad as they make it out to be.

vasilisk2982d ago

maybe also the fact that there are only 3 enemy types in the whole game and there aren't any bosses. Only 2 types of weapons? The game is pretty good for the first 30 minutes but very soon it gets pretty boring, because it's the same landscape over and over again and the same 3 enemies. Also for a survival horror game it seemed that the bullets where everywhere. I finished every chapter with a full inventory.
maybe the fact that there are no puzzles at all, you just have to get to a place but the road is always blocked, so you have to go through the whole mountain to get there. This happens at least 2 times in each episode and it seems like a way to make the game longer. Talking about last generation level design
maybe the fact that the plot doesn't make any sense and there are plot holes everywhere.

Karum2982d ago

I live in the UK and whilst I have had a few emails from Microsoft advertising the game I can't say I have seen their usual marketing push with TV advertisements at all which is strange, especially for one of their exclusives.

I've not picked it up yet, not starting new job til end of this month so the money I had left aside for a game this month went to ModNation Racers.

I do plan on playing AW though at some point and hopefully it does good numbers for Remedy, they've clearly put a lot of work into the game so I hope they get enough out of it. Can't help thinking it's suffered due to the release of RDR though.

van-essa2982d ago

I'm an "informed" gamer and even I didn't know the game was out.

tinybigman2982d ago

they spent all their money on a game which was multiplatform didnt sell what they thought it would since their install base is bigger in FF13, and didnt spend i dime on one of their own exclusives.

i live in the states and ive yet to see one advert.

AK462982d ago

You can't be to much an informed gamer. There was a lot media stories all over the internet in the days & months leading up to the release

beavis4play2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

because i've seen them in the US.

and how could all of you have accounts on this site and not know the game is out?'s been heavily reviewed and talked about right before and since it's release.

Karum2982d ago

I know it's out alright and I can't speak for other EU countries but here in the UK I've had more emails from MS saying the game is out now than I have seen ads on TV for the game which I find very very strange.

And yes, I do have my TV on a lot lol.

blasian2982d ago

u have to excuse M$ they spent all their adverts on ffxiii and that dam leona lewis song.. jesus.. was on every dam channel

vhero2981d ago

MS usually pay for all marketing on 360 "exclusives" but unlike with most so called "exclusives" MS didn't actually pay for this one so they don't really care if it sells well thus the lack of advertising.