Splinter Cell Conviction tops 1 million Xbox 360 sales PS3 version inbound?

The Xbox 360 and PC exclusive Splinter Cell Conviction has finally hit the 1 million mark, but is this enough for Ubisoft's game which has been years in development?

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ClownBelt3132d ago

I want this game when it first came out, but now, no thanks. I don't know, I guess it loss all the hype

Rainstorm813132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Ive been enjoying Alan Wake so much more than SCC but then again both games have been put on hold since i got the beast that is RDR.

damn disagrees for what "I" enjoy???

N4G!!!! Bring back the open zone!!!!

badz1493132d ago

you'll still get disagrees for sharing your feelings! that's N4G for ya!

Chubear3132d ago

No SC has ever NOT been on the Playstation so why would anyone in their right minds ever think Conviction would be any different?

Conviction WILL BE, not only on the PS3 & PSP but also on Nintendo DS and Wii. Just stop it and you won't get so butt hurt when these announcements are made.

ForNgoods3132d ago

but you have a right to one so i gave you an agree.

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vhero3132d ago

This is what you get if you switch what used to be a PS exclusive brand to another console. Ubisoft sure paid the price here the question is did MS make up for the money lost? I seriously doubt it.

Sitdown3132d ago

was a ps exclusive? I thought it first appeared on the xbox...

Theonik3132d ago

Since when has Splinter Cell been a PS brand? are you feeling OK?
SC was a series that was for the Xbox and much better on the Xbox.

XactGamer3132d ago

Splinter Cell has never been a PS brand, did you hit your head?

R2D23132d ago

Creating an account on N4G: $0
Posting a comment on N4G: $0
Watching a troll own his/her self on N4G: Priceless

Theonik3132d ago

Seriously how did he get 7 agrees?

ZombieAutopsy3132d ago

I believe you are thinking of Syphon Filter.

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Montrealien3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

You win some, you loose some vhero, UBI also paid the price with Haze, making that a PS3 exclusive pretty much killed that game, and a great dev because of all the pressure of being an exclusive. It would of probably sold decently if it was just an average multiplat FPS.

But with that said, since when was Splinter Cell a playstation exclusive? Splinter Cell has always been an Xbox exclusive at first, and then it moves to the playstation, conviction coming to the PS3 eventually is as sure as death and taxes. Lets just say, they will loose much less with this exclusive then they did with Haze.

Montrealien3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

you are right, they published it and inked an exclussive deal with Sony. I am well aware that Free Radical made the game, I am shocked you, and the people who agreed with you, did not make that link and you felt the need to clarify such a common peice of knowledge. Sadly Free radical is dead now because they made an average game that had exclussive pressure and sold on only one console. If it was just another multi plat game made by free radical, I am positive Free Radical would still be here today, but we will never know.

Sad truth is, UBI signs a publishing deal with Free Radical, make it a sony exclussive, and the game does not live up to the hype and does not sell well.

Chubear3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

had HAZE gone 360 exclusive instead, Free Rad would still be around cause the game would have gotten 8s&9s across the board especially in NA, easy; and sold much better.

2006: HAZE might be 360exclusive - "hey FR are awesome, the game looks great"

mid2007: HAZE will be multiplat - "booo. meh, looks good anyways. the 360 version will sell more"

late 2007: HAZE now PS3 exclusive - "VENOM!!!! KILL KILL KILL!"

Check out Fuels of War. Same situation, not as good as HAZE but got much more favorable reviews than it truly deserved. The PS3 hate in 2006-2008 was total insanity... especially at gamespot :). Sure it was seen as just business for most NA gaming sites but still, pathetically insane none-the-less.

I'm sure he knows that all to well but FR, as we knew them, don't exist anymore.

BldyShdw3132d ago

Free Radical isn't really "dead" they got bought by Crytek and are now known as Crytek UK.

Inside_out3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Splinter cell was a PS3 exclusive...lets add delusional to the ongoing PS3 stupidity

Conviction is awesome...PS3 kids wouldn't know...they can't play it...sad really...maybe one day, who knows....

Here's a peak at the DEMO..add 8+ hrs for the

BTW...the begining RTE part is M$ having a chat with Sony at E3...M$ is sam of

fullmetal2973132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Really, because I remember it something more like this...

MID 2007: The game is multiplat - "meh, don't really care for the game."

E3 2007: The game becomes exclusive to the PS3 - "OMG, this game is going be a halo killer and beat xbox 3si**ty!"

MID 2008: Haze is released and reviews come in - "F&*^king Microsoft paid EVERYBODY to give bad review scores. This game x10 better than galo 3! Lets troll every site and fudge the user score."

Late 2008: A few months have passed after release - "Haze is an underrated game and I personally liked it myself. These guys just don't appreciate the art direction of this game." LULZ!

CameronL993131d ago

The reason Haze blew was due to rocky game development, and organizational problems - it had nothing to do with exclusivity to the PS3, that is such an elementary argument given tons of PS3 exclusives have sold very well.

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Coheno3132d ago

I agree... I wanted to play it when everybody was talking about it... Now I'm busy with Red Dead Redemption and fall is filled with great games as always!

sikbeta3132d ago

I wanted this game before I realize Ubisoft was going to put DRM on it, [email protected], I don't care about it anymore....

VileAndVicious3132d ago

I really wouldnt care for an half ass port next year anyway (or whenever it would launch on the ps3)

callahan093132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Didn't like Splinter Cell Conviction at all. PS3 gamers aren't missing anything by not having it. Now Alan Wake, that's a great game!

Imperator3132d ago

Rented it, finished single player and some multiplayer. The gameplay is good, but the story is only about 6 hours max. The multiplayer was also fun, but not something to keep me entertained for long time.

I'd recommend it as a rental, but I wouldn't pay full price for it.

kevnb3132d ago

so its not exclusive, I know these websites are filled with teenage console owners but the pc is a platform.

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Nike3132d ago

Given it's been a month or so since it's release for the 360, 1 million is not a bad figure. Probably have to see it's performance review in their fiscal year estimate to decide if it paid people's salaries or not, but on a console dominated by FPS maniacs, it's still good.

DaTruth3132d ago

Maybe, if they hadn't made the whole game, scrapped it and then remade the whole game, 1 million would be enough. But now they have to make up for two games worth of costs. Alan Wake will probably find itself in the same situation.

Yes, I know it will not actually be two games worth, as things like character models and such can be transferred over, but scrapping a game and starting over is a huge waste of money!

4221853132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

"The Xbox 360 and PC exclusive Splinter Cell Conviction has finally hit the 1 million mark." Here I thought exclusive ment it was exclusive to 'ONE' system not two. When did the meaning of the word exclusive change?

NeutralGamer3132d ago

You're right...
Maybe they should just call it Playstation 3 excluding?

I'm not that good to english and I was just trying to be fun -.-

sikbeta3132d ago

That can work better or at least say it's 1-console exclusive, I know a PC is not a Console, it's more than that, so saying it's exclusive and making it sound like IF you can play it only in one specific console, is denying the fact that you can play it on PC

kevnb3132d ago

they will call red dead redemption a ps3 and xbox 360 exclusive, they may as well since the two systems have almost exactly the same lineup of games.

Gamerbee3132d ago

I have it sitting on my PC. Wondering if I should play it..

Bodster3132d ago

I bought it for PC and although I enjoyed it a lot it just wasnt as good as the other ones like Chaos Theory.

Dont get me wrong, the game was very enjoyable, the graphics were decent (Although dissapointing for a PC game) I just thought it was much more action based than stealth based.

Congrats to SCC for reaching 1million+ sold though :)

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