Gamervision: Dead to Rights: Retribution Review

Gamervision writes: "In an era of reboots, reimagining, and remakes, it wasn't at all a surprise when it was announced that Namco Bandai Games was dipping into their back catalog and pulling up Dead to Rights. While the original wasn't met with critical acclaim, it found a fair amount of success regardless, garnering a loyal enough following to justify a sequel and two versions for handheld platformers. Now, they've released Dead to Rights: Retribution, hoping to bring the tale of stereotypically tough police officer Jack Slate and his K-9 companion into a brighter spotlight than ever."

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dizzleK2830d ago

i completely forgot this even came out.

with all the truly great last gen titles that deserve sequels why do they waste time/money on series that were 2nd tier shit to begin with?