Sackboy ModNation codes being sent out now! (EU)

Sony have started sending out Sackboy codes for modnation racers

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PSboy2803d ago

better check my emails

Rainstorm812802d ago

release these as dLC or something i want all of the exclusive characters Nate Drake, Kratos, Sackboy, and Ratchet and Clank.

This better not be another GOW3 costume debacle, im still kinda pissed at that.

Montrealien2802d ago

I got one with my copy of mod nation racers, is it different in other territories?

Ocelot5252802d ago

starting outlook and.... BINGO

gonna start my PS3 to redeem it right away

Montrealien2802d ago

seriously, can anyone answer me? They are IN every new copy of Mod Nation racers here in montreal, why are you guys getting codes for it in your email?

PSboy2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

In the EU, we're getting Sackboy codes by A. Buying a LBP costume or B. Being part of the beta

madmonkey02802d ago

i didnt get one in my UK case, but i didnt get one for being part of the beta either.

Montrealien2802d ago

ok, that makes sense. Well, here in NA every boxed Modnation racer has a sack boy mod code.

Theonik2802d ago

That's lame! I was in the US beta of the game and am not going to buy overpriced lbp costumes to get a code.

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Commander TK2802d ago

doubt it´ll work since all the previous codes they sent me didn´t work at all

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B-Real2062802d ago

just a couple days! I have it pre-ordered from gamestop. Kratos, mystery kart, sackboy and gamespot sent me a code for the air raid mod! F**K YEAH!!!!

BrodDunc2802d ago

Still haven't got mine yet!!

Davoh2802d ago

now I just need to get a copy of modnation racers

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The story is too old to be commented.