Has Sony's Move Impressed You?

Baxy-Z Write: With E3 just around the corner, Sony's new device, "Move", will be on full displaying showing off its potential. However, has what they've shown off impressed you thus far?

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B-Real2063131d ago

but socom 4,sports champions and Tiger Woods Golf 11 have me somewhat interested. E3 is around the corner.

games I already want:
Killzone 3
GT 5

sinncross3131d ago

I'm impressed as far as knowing that the device works pretty much as they said it would.

What I need to see now, is some Move exclusive titles that close to the likes of Sony's strong 1st party titles.

ThatCanadianGuy3131d ago

Sports champions is reason enough for me.I was sold as soon as i seen the archery game.The gladiator one looked pretty cool too!

At this point any other games they show off are just icing on the cake for me.

xabmol3131d ago

If KZ3 has Move support I'll be online tearing it up!! Move is far more accurate than the standard analog, [not just] IMHO.

The biggest advertisement for Move for me was Metroid Prime: Corruption. That game sold me on motion controls. Too bad it was the only one otherwise I might have kept my Wii.

Godmars2903131d ago

A lot more actually. A revamped Steel Gunner preferred.

MaximusPrime3131d ago

Well i need a peripheral to use in order to enjoy a game. PS MOVE has impressed me. It seems more accurate than Wiimote and it has better games.

I fully understand how enjoyable Natal will be, because i got PS EYE

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The story is too old to be commented.