Has Sony's Move Impressed You?

Baxy-Z Write: With E3 just around the corner, Sony's new device, "Move", will be on full displaying showing off its potential. However, has what they've shown off impressed you thus far?

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Ghost_of_Tsushima2762d ago

It will probably impress me when they show some hardcore games with it!

-Alpha2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

At this point we just need to wait for the games.

The demonstrations were impressive and a lot of what they showed after last year has also been impressive.

But right now we need games and E3 2010 will be a great event.

My one concern is lack of precision movement in the subcontroller. You can use two wands but then you'd have to buy an extra wand and that means you can't use analog sticks. We wont be able to play games like Demon's Souls the way people initially envisioned. Not too many games would likely use both like that anyway, and on top of that it would drive the costs up, but it'd open the door for more games. I wonder if Sony will release a Wand with an analog stick.

I do believe that the navigator will have SIXAXIS motion which would be great.

Personally I can't wait to see the games, especially ones focused exclusively around the Move controller. I have high anticipations for Move and its promising the best out of the three in terms of motion and gaming IMO.

SasanovaS19872762d ago

ever thought another move stick would be attachable to the subcontroller? HMM? HMMMMM? duh

ExgamerLegends22762d ago

Alpha I have never seen you post a comment that short lol.

I agree with 1. Cant wait to see some core games with move.

xabmol2761d ago

Game Informer already confirmed this.

Noctis Aftermath2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Move hasn't really impressed me but i am interested in it.

What did impress me was what Rob Dyer(SCEA) said when asked:

"I would assume that people are coming with games for Move which lead on Wii. They want to get them on your platform. Is there a problem?

RD: If it's day and date. If it's day and date, we'll work with them on it. If it's a port, then we'll move it a step, to the network. Unless it's something that they've done an incredible amount of adjusting... We want to be a one-to-one experience.

The Wii doesn't have a camera. We've got a camera. Use that camera, implement that in there. A lot of these guys don't want to. They just want to use the accelerometer and say, well... No. Not gonna happen. It doesn't work that way. Put the camera in there, make it work with that, get your trophies, up-res it, put some more content in, come on down. "

No direct SD Wii ports confirmed!

ATLGAMER2762d ago

Can't get more hardcore than that....what has other motion devices showed u

Army_of_Darkness2762d ago

so yeah, I feel impressed so far. Plus, it can only get better over time!

sikbeta2762d ago

Not The Device, What Really impressed me, was The [Minority Report] by PS-Move Video, that was Awesome, but also when Sony Started to announce Games for it, I'm sold

Ape Escape + SOCOM4 = WIN

Bigpappy2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

It does not evoke a since of "Wow! I can't believe what I am seeing". The PS3 already has very popular hard core controllers, This has that sense of being another controller (or 2 to 3) to have sitting by the sofa. Plus, because it will require having something in both hands, and that you have to put down the DS3 and pickup another controller to play a game (When the DS3 already doest the job) puts a lot of pressure on the move to out perform the DS3.

badz1492762d ago

but SOCOM 4 implementation of move got me hyped up! can't wait to try it myself!

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B-Real2062762d ago

but socom 4,sports champions and Tiger Woods Golf 11 have me somewhat interested. E3 is around the corner.

games I already want:
Killzone 3
GT 5

sinncross2762d ago

I'm impressed as far as knowing that the device works pretty much as they said it would.

What I need to see now, is some Move exclusive titles that close to the likes of Sony's strong 1st party titles.

ThatCanadianGuy2762d ago

Sports champions is reason enough for me.I was sold as soon as i seen the archery game.The gladiator one looked pretty cool too!

At this point any other games they show off are just icing on the cake for me.

xabmol2761d ago

If KZ3 has Move support I'll be online tearing it up!! Move is far more accurate than the standard analog, [not just] IMHO.

The biggest advertisement for Move for me was Metroid Prime: Corruption. That game sold me on motion controls. Too bad it was the only one otherwise I might have kept my Wii.

Godmars2902762d ago

A lot more actually. A revamped Steel Gunner preferred.

MaximusPrime2762d ago

Well i need a peripheral to use in order to enjoy a game. PS MOVE has impressed me. It seems more accurate than Wiimote and it has better games.

I fully understand how enjoyable Natal will be, because i got PS EYE

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