No Music service yet for Xbox Live, says Microsoft

When Microsoft confirmed a Video service for the European Xbox Live Marketplace coming later this year, the next logical question that came to mind was whether a Music service will also be offered soon.

After all, Microsoft has an on-going battle with Apple when it comes to the music industry. However, speaking to gaming cite CVG, XBL General Manager JJ Richards commented that the company currently has no plans for such a service as of yet.

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ASSASSYN 36o4172d ago

Wtf since the day xbox 360 video marketplace launched you have been able to download music videos.

What micrsoft needs to do is intergrate Zune marketplace with xbox-live which in a way they have already done. You use the same microsoft points on xbox-live to buy music from zune marketplace all out of the same account.

Double-Edged4172d ago

I just plug my any usb connection to play music.
Plus I can play my music through the XMB while I'm playing games.

So it's okay.... maybe if I own a zune I'd be expecting more

FordGTGuy4172d ago

Just download the music on your computer and stream it. I don't want a music service on my Xbox 360.

zonetrooper54172d ago

I would like a music download service, its just another thing to make XBL even better. Although I can download it from the internet which is probaly better, maybe add in an internet browser on the 360 for the hell of it.

kewlkat0074172d ago

remember a lot of things that can be added to XBL and other network services, will be added when the market ask for them.

Right now Itunes and some other music download services work very well, and have that market-share. Of course, MS does have the Zune, and it's not hard to see that eventually, the Zune will get some type of connectivity with Xbox live.

It's all about market trends, and timing. We will probably hear about this music thing at some E3 later on down the line. Sony is already down with Music so expect some thing too from them, except no MP3 player from them.

If companies were to tell you everything, that they might be thinking about or working on, then they would have no surprises when the time comes to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

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