Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII demos only at 2008

Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto has said to Famitsu magazine that playable demos of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII will only be released sometime during 2008.

Shinji Hashimoto also announced that new videos of both games will be released in the coming months, probably during the upcoming TGS event.

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AznSniper3961d ago

i bet they were playing with our minds when they said FFXIII was 13% complete with FFVSXIII being 1.3% complete......Final Fantasy 13 = i don't think they would really give the actual percentage of completion

[email protected]3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I was thinking about this "completion number"

don't u notice it's kinda a "coincidence" that BOTH got exactly the same number... I mean this:

FFXIII - 13%
Versus - 1.3%

13% - 1.3% don't u notice IT'S A CAMPGAIN!!! It's dev joke DEFINITLY both percent are relative equal to the number of this series [Fabula Crystallis Nova yada yada yada] FFXIII - VersusXIII. Both got 13% number except Versus got a . on themiddle of the 1 and the 3.

I GOT A PROOF from the producer of FFXIII. The actual game it's already 80% into completion sooo it's definitly a dev joke. S-E ur are genius ^^.


AznSniper3961d ago

whoa.....80% complete.....then we actually might see this early next year

supnub53961d ago

about 09 release is becoming true.

Bebedora3961d ago

another letdown FF game. Just hoping they get their sheit together and surpasses FF X ....or FF VII <- yeah right

Double-Edged3961d ago

I want a good demo. Not a crappy demo.

Kudos!! this game will rock hard!

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