GameShark: Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition Review

GameShark writes: "It’s almost impossible to come away from Chilean developer ACE Team’s Zeno Clash, recently released in an “ultimate edition” for Xbox Live, and not be impressed with the sheer artistry and creative use of Valve’s Source engine in detailing a unique and completely alien fantasy world. The surreal, almost abstract setting of Zenozoik has much more in common with the works of Gene Wolfe (Book of the New Sun) than it does with Tolkien and its look calls to mind the grotesque illustrations of Brian Froud (The Dark Crystal) more than it does the airbrushed heroic fantasy of Larry Elmore. Suffice to say the game leaves a stunning sensory impression and some of my best moments with it were found simply in observing Mucolosaurs grazing in a desert under a pink-purple evening sky or sneaking up on a camp of Corwids, single-minded barbarian creatures fixated on performing repetitive tasks, dancing wildly to a capering drummer".

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