Bungie Weekly Update - 05/21/10

Bungie: Just gonna say it straight away. Thanks for being our Beta Battle Bros. The Halo: Reach multiplayer Beta was way more successful than we could have hoped, crushing our Halo 3 Beta outing on all fronts, and aside from a few day one hiccups (zomg server meltdown!) and a handful of particulars that we’d already anticipated and planned for, the majority of our inaugural online outing made for some silky smooth springtime sailing.

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SixZeroFour2977d ago

awesome...i knew bungie wouldnt just be fiddling their thumbs till launch after beta finished...seems like they are doing a lot of polishing and it

alos, i knew that the armor shown wasnt anywhere close to how much we would be able to customize our spartans...wouldve liked it if they atleast let us keep what we unlocked, after all we dont get any special upgrade for having it, wouldve been nice like a little thank you...i had everything except that last 20k item...apart from more variations of what weve already seen, im expecting possible thigh and shin armor, aswell as some back/spine armor