GamesRadar: Gears of War 3 Massive First Look

GamesRadar writes: "We never said Gears would be a trilogy,” stresses Cliff Bleszinski AKA Dude Huge, the loveable nerd-turned-super cool millionaire Lamborghini owner, and the bulging brains behind the 360’s best-selling original franchise".

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whateva3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

there is a big shadow over the rest of the gaming world today maybe they should have released all the GeOW3 previews & screenshots a day early?

or was this all part of a plan?

B-Real2063131d ago

It does seem like bad timing but everyone gets something today!!!!!

Cevapi883131d ago

why didnt they wait until E3 to release all of this info?? dont get me wrong it awesome to see all of this...but what will be shown off at E3 is what i want to know?? hopefully a time table for a beta to work out any MP more about the the AI and if it has improved...just some things that come to mind when thinking about E3

Army_of_Darkness3131d ago

Graphics look really groovy man! I under estimated the 360 for a while, but it looks like it still has some more juice in it! very impressive.

LordMarius3131d ago

not really, Kizzy 3 and Gears 3 are going to go head to head next year, might as well start the competition now

niceguywii603131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Head to Head? The two games are not even on the same plane success, popularity and game play wise.

Fanb0y3130d ago

They're not even competing. They're on two different platforms!

JokesOnYou3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

"Bleszinski and Executive Producer Rod Fergusson leapt right into the fray. Confirming the sizzling excitement of four-player co-op, they treated us to a whopping chunk of Gears 3’s opening level, where the last few human survivors are barely clinging on."

-4 player co-op, not many games do this at all, not only does Gears do co-op but its always done co-op gameplay very well. The original Gears single-handedly sold more 360's to more new 360 owners who never owned the original xbox than any other 1 game.


forcefullpower3131d ago

I don't know anyone in the UK that bought the 360 for Halo at all. It was Gears of War that made the 360 popular here in the UK.

PRHB HYBRiiD3131d ago

don't have co-op...and that's not good...that's why people still play halo..u could go to xbox live split screen campaign or co-op...same in gears...or pgr4,when u got ur buddies in the room and ur playing alone they are like...can i play? sure pick up a controller sign in has guest and play split screen online that's awesome.btw gears 3 will be epic :).

Inside_out3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Why they are not releasing this at E3 is a big question mark...Cliff said Gears was never supose to be a trilogy...Hmmm...I think Gears will be going multi-platform at E3...

M$ has been quiet about the whole thing....Sony guy this wk said there would be an end to exclusive's...Pact dude said a developer would be going multi-platform...Cliff announces the game on network T.V...M$ says nothing....It doesn't matter to me...but it will matter to many people...Does anyone have confirmation if its 360 only...E3 will be heard it here first....

FACTUAL evidence3129d ago

Sony's going to show one of the biggest E3 shockers this year...I don't want to spoil it though....well maybe i blew it for you guys. ;)

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ef-u-23131d ago

I love gears and all but I have to say this HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAC MAN!!!!!

Redgehammer3131d ago

I must say that was a serious information blow-out; and I am even more excited for Gears 3 than I was before all that delicious info.

m233131d ago

That was a lot of info, and it all sounds great. I want to see this game in action NOW. Hopefully they'll show us some gameplay at E3. I want to check out those new executions as well.

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