Top 10 Gaming Companions

Gaming can be a lonely experience. Travelling through bleak and desperate landscapes, shooting anything that moves, minimal chance of survival... Rather than face everything alone, the faithful companion protects, tells jokes and expands the accessible game world. Without further ado, the very best in gaming companions…

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Nicholas Cage2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

scorpion and sub zero. also, sully and drake.

midi2831d ago

Sully is on there alongside the two ladies from UC2. Couldn't choose from between them.

mr durand pierre2831d ago

I'd go with someone from Sly Cooper's gang over Daxter any day, but it's otherwise a fine list.

doboworth2831d ago

Good list. Can't think of any others right now myself, but Wrex and Garrus from Mass Effect were awesome and Diana from Hitman somewhat deserves a mention.