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freeman292706d ago

"amazing direct collaboration of Naughty Dog (Uncharted 2?) Tools in the graphics engine." yesssssssssssssssssss

rockleex2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Story progression.

Make it a seamless experience like Uncharted 2.

I loved Killzone 2 but I couldn't help but notice the move from one stage to the next. Or one level to the next.

Uncharted 2 was able to make it feel as if you are PLAYING the storyline.

HammockGames2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I was pretty pumped for KZ3 before!

But ND participating should pretty much assure top notch presentation.

Elimin82705d ago

someone's been watching too much wonder pets....

villevalorox2705d ago

OMFG, as creepy as this might sound, I like sing that every time it comes on when I'm at my cousins lol :P

**** Also, in one of the pics that was not a scan, look like the AA was GOWIII style :P

Redrum0592705d ago

This is why it's good to have first party developers. Two of the most talented dev teams working together on a game. Hell yeah. Too bad Sony SantaMonica isn't in on it.
E3 here I come.

UltraNova2705d ago

Hmm So..(conspiracy theory coming up yeah!) If Sony's heavy shooter is KZ3 then its not Resistance 3 from Insomniac that will be the FPS of the expo.

So are they really going multiplatform? Think about it they had a lot of time to work on R3 and show to the public at E3 next month...

Hotel_Moscow2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

only thing we need now is a control revamp thats wha tkind of got me with killzone didnt like the controls

o like my l2 to zoom my r2 to shoot my x to jump my square to reload basically i want controls from cod and the movement from brink because brink has the seamless movement i would also like to see a better cover system and i will be good togo because right now when im in cover i feel like i can still be shot

RageAgainstTheMShine2705d ago

Sony Computer Entertainment of America, you are spoiling your boys so very much! We can not contain ourselves with joy and happiness!

xabmol2705d ago

Maybe if Insomniac went 1st party they would receive 1st party treatment. Untill then they will just get unparalleled 3rd party treatment, ie 2nd party.

Hideo_Kojima2705d ago

Resistance what... atm i wouldn't care if R3 was canceled



I don't see why I would care if it R3 goes multiplatform.
It was never meant to be a game that uses up the PS3s power anyway so going multiplatform wont change anything really.

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Cevapi882706d ago

RUFKM!!!!.....Naughty Dog and GG....gaming heaven

sikbeta2706d ago

OMG! People really Understand what That Means

Guerrilla Games + Naughty Dog = EPIC KILLZONE3 on Steroids..

ExgamerLegends22706d ago

was kinda hoping they'd help with story telling, rather than graphics. KZ2 is already a graphics power house. They prolly wanted to know how ND did their snow.

Besides I really wanna know who's leading the Helghast now. I think it be better if they had no leader but just chose to continue Visari's legacy of their own volition.

Cevapi882706d ago

these reports are saying that GG is revamping the story and are looking to make it much much better...they are listening to the KZ community and its probably the best decision along with producing diverse levels like in the original game

raztad2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I agree about the snow thing. It just makes sense.



bjornbear2706d ago

they say it will be as if the squad is stranded behind enemy lines, focusing more on the characters and story, not so much warfare

i'm guessing they will also widen the levels making it more feasible for 4 guys to take out a whole army

thats my guess though! Lets see!

jet packs alone is mind blowing

kneon2706d ago

I'm not too keen on the jet packs, hopefully they don't include that in the multi-player. It just seems too gimmicky to me.

Darrius Cole2705d ago

I am hoping that the help more with the matchmaking/party system. Killzone 2 was a nightmare when trying to play with your friends. That difficulty was made worse by the fact that you need familiar co-players in order to win. In my opinion that was the only thing wrong with the game.

I hope they listen to the fans and give us a true party system.

Ravage272705d ago

GG doesn't even need to improve on the graphics because KZ2 is still the best-looking FPS game in the market right now and i don't see anything challenging it anytime soon.(yes including Crysis2 on consoles)

The focus on story alone already got me extremely excited, can't wait for gameplay footage.

Oh and if Sony can afford to leak Socom4,LBP2,KZ3 and GOW:GoS before E3...i really can't imagine what kind of show they are planning O.O

Redrum0592705d ago

You are a smart one. That very last statement got me thinking... Sony is realy gonna tear E3 up.(in a good way)...(no, in a badass super ultra awsome way)

Hideo_Kojima2705d ago

ND could help with in game animations a bit too.
Uncharted 2 is saw smooth which in my opinion makes up for at list %30 of the realism.

Its not just about the screenshots and although KZ2 is smooth you get the odd twitch now and again...

But all of this in serious NIT PICKING!

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Shadow Flare2706d ago

And this is why sony first party devs are the best

secksi-killer2705d ago

but they certainly have some talent working for them. i cant understand why microsoft have not increased their own studios.. it doesnt make sense to me.

anyway, i am slightly pissed off that i have just puchased within the last 6 months a brand new samsung tv...when this is coming out in 3D f"*k!! I will have to see how fat my bonus is at christmas.

after looking at the pictures, its looking incredible! amazing in fact! but i would just like to see a couple of changes.

REAL dedicated servers this time, and a slight change to the controls. just loosen them up a bit. not that they really affect my skill when playing, just that they are a touch to weighty.

do we have a release date yet for this bad-boy

HolyOrangeCows2706d ago

"...there will be jetpacks, good style of Halo: Reach"

Halo invented the jetpack, too. Another gem from Eurogamer.

Megaton2706d ago

Haven't you heard? Halo not only invented gaming, but bullets and conflict too.

Megaton2706d ago

Yeah, outer space too, and the color green.

sikbeta2706d ago

Ah... guys, Halo was there even Before The Big Ban happened, I thought all of you already knew that...


young juice2706d ago

you know jetpacks are in killzone psp too... before halo reach

NecrumSlavery2706d ago

Halo invented Halo 2. Betcha didn't know dat

divideby02706d ago

Tribes out the stamp on the the jet pac..probably before most around here were old enough to game

KiRBY30002706d ago

God developed Halo, every other games bite ideas from it.

Consoldtobots2705d ago

and all this time I thought it was developed by Chuck Norris and Jesus Christ .

Games4M - Rob2705d ago

Halo invented space monkeys

xabmol2705d ago

Halo also invented the combo breaker.

ATi_Elite2705d ago

If you look closely at an Angels Halo it says made by Bungie because Halo invented Angels too!

R2D22705d ago

Chuck Norris was made by HALO : )

Hudahudahuda2705d ago

I found this string of comments to be fairly enjoyable.

brew2705d ago

The reason you found it enjoyable is because Halo invented enjoyment. Thank Bungie.

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Megaton2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Anyone else see that ghost just now? Totally slimed me. Ectoplasm everywhere.

rosebowl232706d ago

oh god this is awesome. naughty dog is the best developer on the planet and if they're helping wit killzone, it will probably be the best shooter ever.

AKS2706d ago

Naughty Dog knows how to do snow, that's for sure. The only ice and snow I've seen match Naughty Dog's snow is in Crytek's monster, which is saying a lot. Maybe Naughty Dog can also help with the storytelling and help them make Rico tolerable. The Killzone franchise could really use some likable characters to go along with the beautiful graphics and solid gameplay.

alphakennybody2706d ago

in KZ1 the snow level was great.

execution172705d ago

the snow level was awesome, sigh wish i still had my 60GB i'd be playing it wright now or GG could do a remake ala GoW Collections

BattleAxe2705d ago

With GG and Nauty Dog both developing this game, it doesn't get any better than that.

SuperM2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Gears3 is going to have trouble impressing people when you have this baby coming out in about the same timeframe.

Alvadr2705d ago

This is nothing new. Guriella helped NaughtyD out with the Uncharted 2 engine. They showed them how to stop the screen tearing that kept cropping up in Uncharted 1.

Sony 1st party devs get to get quite frequently to swap ideas.

Finalfantasykid2705d ago

Thats one of the best thing about Sony's huge library of first party developers.

8thnightvolley2705d ago

Naughty dog N GG ... wow.. that is just sick .. sony nice one just f*cking awesome... kz3 is right up there now.. HYPE TRAIN FIRST CLASS TICKET BOUGHT.!

Tsar4ever012705d ago

I understand that the Gurrilla"s collaboration with Naughty Dog is a GREAT THING, but it's still Gurilla's IP engine being used, not naughty dog's IP engine. So the end result will NOT look like what we've seen on Uncharted 2.

But with Naughty Dog's peoples input, Maybe their engine IP will get a massive overhual and we might endup seeing something that'll completly blow us all away.

Here's hopen'.

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Convas2706d ago

... Killzone 3 is going to be BEAST.

Time to step up saving for my PS3 ...

Simon_Brezhnev2706d ago

time for me to step up saving for a 7.1 surround system

B-Real2062706d ago

I totally agree with you imdaboss. I NEED a 7.1 surround sound system.

kneon2706d ago

Killzone 2 is the game that really makes it worth spending money on surround sound. KZ 3 should be incredible. Maybe they'll have 9.2 support, not that I room for that many speakers.

Lou-Cipher2706d ago

I bought my 7.1 when MGS4 came out. There is a reason MGS4 won best sound design in 2008.

If you have the money, and dont have a 7.1 setup when by the time GT5 comes out, then there is no hope for you. :)

xabmol2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

MGS4 was the reason I bought my 46" 1080p TV and my THX certified 7.1 theater sound system.

Good times!

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cmrbe2706d ago

a 3d TV. Its time for an upgrade for me personally. I bought by HDTV with my PS3 more than 3 years back.

karl2706d ago

its to soon for a 3dtv atleast for me...

im going to buy a 7.1 surround system aswell..

maybe next year...

TrailerParkSupervisr2705d ago

My Misti DLP 60" is 3-D ready! I have yet to use it as I wanted to wait for the "perfect" game. KZ3, in 3-D, with ND, ya that frigging qualifies!

And it's shipping with 2 sets of glasses? Co-op? HFS!

March 13th....2011....Thank GOD the Mayan calender does not end 12/21/10.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Which fires multiple rockets at once.

Sounds like a Noob Gun if you use that in the Multiplayer.

But amazing news about GG and Naughty Dog, Killzone 3, KILLZOWNED!!

shadow27972705d ago

The Electricity gun, the flamethrower, and the bolt gun all were absent in multiplayer (save for the gun specific DLC levels). Do you think GG is dumb enough to allow the Wasp in a regular multiplayer loadout?

saint_john_paul_ii2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

yea, you called it alright.

at first i thought, you "got that snow" if you know what i mean....

Kratos Spartan2706d ago

What does the Pope know about the snow...

Hellsvacancy2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

This is a REAL smile on my face :-) (a sideways smile coz i am actually pretty wasted)