XboxLiveAddicts Review: Left 4 Dead 2 DLC The Passing

The Passing, the first piece of Downloadable Content for Left 4 Dead 2 is finally here, with promises of that of an interesting meeting between our beloved L4D1 cast with that of the new, how expectations come high. As well as that, the guys over at Valve made an incredibly big deal over what the content included for our fearless foursome, so lets go over each one by one shall we?

So, similar to L4D1’s DLC, the level is perhaps a little longer. It’s a three part campaign, but the segments are a bit longer than usual, meaning you’ve got about 40-60 minutes of brand spanking new game play. The content sits between the first and second levels ‘Dead Center’ and Dark Carnival and bridges the gap so to speak between the two.

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