Top 10 PC Games of all Time

Bright Hub writes: "Gamers will argue their personal favorite games of all time until they're blue in the face. Everyone has an opinion and, while many of the same games will enter the conversation, it's rare to find a pair of people who can agree completely with one another's personal picks.
This is why, instead of simply throwing together a list of our personal favorite PC games, we went for the best source for industry consensus, Metacritic. For those who aren't familiar with it, Metacritic compiles game, movie, TV, and music review from all over the industry and amalgamates them into a single rating. Thus, we achieve an ultimate top 10, based on the opinions of the entire industry, rather than a single person.

Our top 10 list is based on these Metacritic ratings."

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ultramoot2836d ago

What? The Witcher gets no love? :(

Nihilism2836d ago

definitely agree, i'm playing it through atm, best PC rpg ever.

Mista T2836d ago

Where the MotherF is Deus Ex???

Charmers2836d ago

You really do have to wonder about the "quality" of some of these articles. I mean for a starters if you are going to have a top 10 of PC games don't include 3 console ports, it would also help if you didn't have two slots used up for Half Life 2 and Orange Box.

It also seems such a shame the list only caters for modern games. I am surprised there is no X wing in there. But then lets face it the PC has such a rich diverse history it is an impossible task picking just "ten" games. I think it would be a struggle to pick out 100 best games on the PC out of the many thousands that have been released over the years.

Scudd2835d ago

About the 10th "Top 10 PC Games" article and i have seen this week and they are all different, was suprised that Deus Ex didnt even get a mention in this one when it was #1 in most of the others.

Thracks2832d ago

There are about 10 years of history that this article completely ignores. History filled with ground-breaking, landmark titles that shaped today's gaming industry. They also blew three slots on Valve titles, and paid lip service to a trio of console ports.

This article is garbage.