Rumor Killers: PSP2, Premium PSN, Battlefront 3

Disclaimer: Rumor Killers is a speculative opinion piece and is by no means intended to disclose as fact whether a rumor is true or false - even though the Rumor Killers team are usually right (usually...)

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cain1412956d ago

I really don't want to pay for PSN...

Bereaver2956d ago

Then don't. It will still have free online play.

Government Cheese2956d ago

"The servers do exist as a number of sites have confirmed it, but they’re consistently empty. GameSpy is notorious for leaving servers listed for defunct games, could this just be a historical remnant from when the game was on its way?"

I have to say you should have researched a bit more. The servers are not remnants from Free Radical's version. The reason for that is, the servers have only appeared in the last week. As in, they were not there last week, let alone a year and a half ago when Free Radical's version died.

Also keep in mind, how long ago Free Radicals version was. Like I said, a year and a half ago. It takes around 2-3 years to develop a game this gen. So if LucasArts were developing the game in-house since Free Radicals version died, to me it seems that it has been enough time for development and an announcement soon is very possible. Another thing to remember is that all of the game assets created by Free Radical are owned by LucasArts. So they simply could have also had a head start on development at LA.

SG-172956d ago

Last month actually. When I last used GSList before May was in March. So they appeared sometime between the end of March and May 13th.

ReservoirDog3162956d ago

Yeah I highly highly highly doubt I'd pay for premium PSN, unless it's really really really worth it. And in game chat doesn't do anything for me, I rarely use my mic. Only thing I see any worth in is PS2 emulation (I have a 60GB but what if it breaks?).

And if E3 comes and goes without a PSP2 announcement (which I think is probably not gonna happen), I think I'm gonna buy an ipod touch.

Cevapi882956d ago

the paid service will offer much more features such as what Qore is doing now but much more in depth...and i dont think that the paid service will only deal with gaming but movies and media...just an overall service that will offer up everything entertainment wise...i know Sony will unveil much more and hopefully they will revamp Home and make it exciting

2956d ago
knight6262956d ago

thats the good thing about the ps3 u dont pay its an option to pay and get premuim content or just dont pay and play for free

mr durand pierre2956d ago

I hardly use PSN as is, but if I had to pay for it I'd probably never use it.

blasian2956d ago

Only thing i wish for PSN was custom sound tracks

Killzone3Helghast2956d ago

E3 is where you get the hype going, if they don't announce PSP2 which a lot of people are anticipating it will be probably one of their biggest downfalls in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.