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GameSpot writes: "Super Mario Galaxy 2 is simply an outstanding game. It never rests on its laurels for a second, constantly presenting new objectives and mechanics to push you to never before seen places. Even the two-player mode offers new abilities and delights, making it even more fun to play with a friend by your side. Everything is so well designed and so entertaining that it's easy to get sucked into this world for hours. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is so phenomenal that it's difficult to imagine where Mario could possibly go in the future. But that's hardly your concern now. Mario proves that he is still the king of fun".

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-Alpha2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Definite GOTY at this point. It's getting flawless all across the map.

It's too bad a large majority of N4G users wont be able to play it. If this was a PS3 or 360 game the temperature would be through the roof for this article.

I am 110% proud for this game. Just a clean, simple, light-hearted fun game with no excess gore, violence, etc.

I think LBP2 will be the main competitor. I have to say, 2010 has blown my mind and we're only in May!

hybridtheory122983d ago

I agree. Its GOTY. HOWEVER, i think SOME sites *cough* gametrailers *cough* will not give it GOTY because it didnt stay in their system long enough but its a solid 10. Kinda like the mw2 over uncharted 2 situation from last year. *shudders*

Chug2983d ago

I actually just bought a wii so I could play NSMB, Muramasa, and Galaxy 2, Other M when they come out.
It's hard to find the time owning all three systems but it's nice having the option of playing all the great games.

Anon19742983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

And yet, I didn't like it. Not saying that others won't..if you liked the first game it sounds like you'll love this game, but I tried and tried and just couldn't get into it. For me, the Wii-mote has always been a barrier to enjoyment. One of the things I loved about Super Mario Bros Wii was that it didn't rely on the motion control and played more like a regular game.

Playing the first Mario Galaxy I just couldn't help but feel the magic was gone somehow. It didn't have the charm of the old Super Mario 64 (and don't get me started on Mario Sunshine. ugh!). I wanted to like the game but a couple of hours into it I just wasn't having any fun. I can't quite put my finger on it but I just found it....boring.

I thought I may have simply outgrown platformers because I felt similarly about the new Ratchet and Clank games but then LittleBigPlanet came along and my wife and I played that game to death.

I think for me it might just come down to the Wii-Mote. I hated everything about the Wii-mote. I tried and tried but ultimately it was simply too buggy for me to enjoy anything I would normally play. I tried SMG, Zelda, Metroid, Medal of Honor, Ravin Rabbids. The only game that got any play on my Wii was World of Goo and when a co-worker made me an offer for the whole works one Christmas I had to admit I had no interest in touching my Wii and sold it off.

I've always been a big Nintendo fan but I can't help but feel this gen they just abandoned the core gaming audience. They're doing great and more power to them, but I miss the days when I used to look forward to what Nintendo had to offer.

BryanBegins2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


Are you serious? You didn't like SMG because of the (almost non-existant) motion control? lol This is ridiculous. The motion controls in this game were very rare, and all of them were correctly implemented.

Too bad you are a gamer that can't live up with his time. If gamers in the 90's have been like you, I guess we wouldn't have rumble, dual analog stick or anything new. You can hate the Wii for Wii Sport (though I enjoyed Wii Sport a lot). But for SMG, this isn't justified.

Btw, I own all three consoles and I can say without any hesitation: for me, Super Mario Galaxy was the best game this gen. It is the game I had the most fun playing. Nothing repetitive. The sequels looks even better.

Anon19742983d ago

I'm sorry, I just hate the Wii-mote. I've never actually hated a controller before the Wii-motte but even the little bits in SMG where you had to aim around the screen I felt ruined the flow of the game for me and left me frustrated with how inaccurate the Wii-mote could be, especially when you're dealing with the edges of the screen.

I think it's funny you mentioned Wii Sports because I enjoyed Wii Sports more than I did SMG. Mostly because of the multiplayer aspect added some fun to the game. When you're competing against someone else using the same controls it's not as frustrating when you're trying to do something by yourself.

Again, I'm not trying to take anything away from the Wii. I don't care if you game on the Wii or play nothing but flash games, I consider all gamers kindred spirits. I'm just sharing my thoughts about Super Mario Galaxy and the Wii in general. It was the same with with Zelda TP. I wanted to like them, I gave them hours of my time but at the end of the day I just wasn't having fun with them.

ReservoirDog3162983d ago

Haha, imagine, I preordered SMG2 on amazon because of the $20 credit. Figured it was a pretty good deal. Little did I know it would reach platforming perfection.

And you're so right, 2010 has brought me ME2, RDR and SMG2 so far. And I still need to get Heavy Rain and FFXIII. And with LittleBigPlanet 2, MGS PW, Batman AA 2, Agent and even Epic Mickey (remember that?) possibly coming out this year, jeez.

2010 is a year for the history books.

BryanBegins2983d ago


I don't know what's wrong with your Wiimote pointer, but mine is very accurate. Actually, I'm surprised. For me, if there is ONE improvement the Wii provided to videogames and that will likely last for more generation, this is exactly the pointer! The motion controls themselves add most of the time little to nothing. But having the pointer allows a lot more games and variety of games.

Anyway, everyone can have his opinion. I fully enjoyed SMG and wasn't expecting the sequel to be so well received.

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Unicron2983d ago

Yeah Alpha, this is amazing. And the fact that its basically a recycled game, even more so. That is NOT a dig on Galaxy, I think if strong design can show through above that, it's an even further testament to a skilled team.

But oh the things I could say about reviewer inconsistency right now =)

-Alpha2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Hehe, review scores are always troubling when it comes to consistency. Truth be told I know there are a lot of people that have issue with it, but I've never properly understood them. Perhaps you can explain them to me. Personally I just look at the review content. Scores are arbitrary. For me I'm usually on board for games 7.0+

I'll be skeptical with lower scores and review content, but the best way to judge is through playing the actual game.

For me though, money is tight so I cling to demos, reviews, etc.

Anyways I feel a little dumb now for getting a 360. Truth be told I'm being ungrateful. I've wanted to play Halo and am enjoying it but the Wii would have made a great alternate console. 360 and PS3 are pretty similar anyway.

Problem with buying a Wii at this stage I find is that with rumors of a new console coming out I best save my money. Additionally it ticks me off that I bought a 360 with all these rumors about a slim model. Ugh. This hobby is so expensive.

Imperator2983d ago

Definitely GOTY contender. Two more days.

Army_of_Darkness2983d ago

the only other game that could compete with this would have to be LBP2!! not really a fan of that either but, you can do it!

Ult iMate2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

LBP2 will be bashed for what SMG2 is praised now - "it's a sequel!! and even more - it's a sequel of a PS3 game, so we are not impressed, like, at all!!!"

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xskipperx822983d ago

I'm counting the seconds to Sunday

Imperator2983d ago

That makes two of us. The game is gonna be awesome.

skare132983d ago

I think the hatting fanboys maybe all cried out. So maybe they won't comment on this review.

eagle212983d ago

lol, they can cry me a river...this game is coming Sunday to millions of homes. :)

mikepmcc2983d ago

It would be truly tragic if SMBW sold more than this...knowing parents they probably think one Mario game is enough for the year, and they might not go for it.

mikepmcc2983d ago

The Escapist-10
Giant Bomb-10

Huh...maybe it's time to pick up a Wii.

Homicide2983d ago

I'm picking mine up next week. The first Mario Galaxy game is, imo, the best game this gen, and I'm sure the second one is going to be a solid follow-up.

playstation_clan2983d ago

dust of the wiis and lets play, I love mario since the beginning. Good for nintendo, I hope this wins GOTY with lbp2 to shove it Microsoft and stop making shooters

qface642983d ago

damn so many 10's i had no diea
you can bet if its not a 10 its either a 9 and up

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