Male Video Gamers Are Better With Games But Dumber In School?

As an avid gamer I have to admit one thing, I have logged in some serious hours playing video games. There have been times when my whole schedule revolved around the completion of a game that I had to beat (Halo anyone?) With this admission you have to agree that video games can dominate your time and in some cases get in your way. What did I just say!!!! Videogames are evil and will kill society!!! Video games are a detriment to ones health and well being!!!! No, calm down, I did not say that.

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cmrbe2955d ago

I got a MSc in Geoscience and i played games since the Atari days when i was 4 years old.

ThatArtGuy2955d ago

my college with honors, so this doesn't really hold water with me as an example.

manman62955d ago

and passing all my classes with "A" or "B" and I games mostly everyday