Study Shows Strong Interest In Project Natal

More than half of Xbox 360 owners say they are likely to purchase Microsoft's Project Natal motion camera this fall, according to a recent marketing study conducted by consumer research firm OTX.

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thebudgetgamer2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

when they say more then half, do they mean 20 million 360 owners or half of the people in the study?

edit: nevermind 1,500 people.

Nicholas Cage2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

natal is useless

JokesOnYou2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

@budgetgamer, uhm please tell me you were just kidding with that question, I know you edited it, but even without reading it you should know most studies short of decades of scientific research don't involve 20mil people, in fact any study/survey with a sample size of 1,000 participants is consider highly reliable for a statistical study. http://www.sciencebuddies.o...

"The study, which screened 1,500 people (weighted towards towards ages 14-34) who play video games for more than 1 hour a week, said 56 percent of the respondents are "likely" to purchase the peripheral, with 18 percent of those saying they are "extremely likely."

"The study also noted that first-person shooters ranked the highest in genres players were most interested in using Project Natal with. Fighting, Action-Adventure, Role-Playing, and Racing games rounded out the top five."

Now watch all the sony kids show up just to tell us how much THEY don't care that *56% of 360 owners CARE ABOUT NATAL and are likely to buy it. lol Yet they are in every Natal thread, actions speak louder than words.

@spiky1228, lol IGN did not do this study:
"according to a recent marketing study conducted by consumer research firm OTX."

--IGN is a game site and thus they report all newsworthy gaming info, I guess they're bending both ways with a whole news section dedicated to ps3. lmfao

@crmbe "Perhaps because there really is nothing interesting for x360 fans to look forward too."

--yeah because starting the year off with the superior version of Bayonetta which score well by many sites, then followed up by a definite GOTY contender like ME2, and I've recently played great games like SC:Conviction, AW, mixed in with the awesome Halo Reach beta and now 360 has the superior version of RDR+the best online service, yeah those games aren't worth playing unless it has a ps logo on the box, right? lol, your jealousy is showing.

Sony soldiers are so jealous Natal attracts more interest from just about every than wii-move. It's somehow funny and sad to watch them hate so much.


Corepred42860d ago

"in fact any study/survey with a sample size of 1,000 participants is consider highly reliable for a statistical study. "

if i remember right they did a study on rrod on 360 involving quite a big number of people. and the percentage they came out with was 54 percent if i remember right. so your saying that the survey was correct and the 360's failure rate is 54 percent? G-ZUZ! there you have it xboxers straight from one of your hardcore fans keyboard. lol

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commodore642860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

@ corepred

The study you refer to has been debunked numerous times, as it exhibits selection bias and sampling bias.

For the study to be effective, the study needs to be a "random sample of a population (or non-human factors) in which all participants are equally balanced or objectively represented."

The study you refer to is seriously statistically flawed, due to the non-randomness of its sample, and the tendency of negative responses to be over-represented.

In other words, the people with rrod were more likely to have an axe to grind and respond negatively. Even non-360 owners were able to submit their response, out of sheer spite. I know, sad, but true.

You may wish to take a first year university stats course, to brush up on the basics.

Hallmark Moment2860d ago

He reacted a=emotionally to the header without reading the article. This will be hard times for PS3 fanboys and people with Sony preference. Natal won last E3 with consumer polling and by the majority of media. I'm telling you Natal will be hotter than Wii.

Shadow Flare2860d ago

By using smoke and mirrors? Yeah. Because the only thing they've shown since is the red ball game. Thats it. That doesn't show alot of confidence.

Tell me, which paint tech is better?



Watch that Natal video. When he said at the end, "There's our gorgeous master piece" i literally burst out laughing. And im not having an attack, i just genuinely think what they demonstrated with their paint tool was absolute garbage when you compare it to the beautiful accuracy of the Move paint demo

badz1492860d ago

BWAHAHAHA...thanks for the laugh dude! with what? smoke and mirrors milo? or bottom of avatar shoes? "BAMMM! there it is!" that is just too funny! or are you implying Ricochet as the best show at E3 last year?

JokesOnYou2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Yes sony soldiers are very bitter over Natal receiving more attention for the media and general public than wii-move, and Yes Natal will be hot whenever its released, but I don't think it will be as hot as the wii. Nintendo caters to the casuals and most don't care to much for gaming beyond so quick pick up and play games, I don't see a ton of them going out and getting Natal or wii-move because they already have a wii and most don't game enough to play both consistently. However **IF micro has some great offerings for Natal that casuals and hardcore gamers alike can play I think Natal will really be big for 360 and gather a sustainable fanbase.


n4gno2860d ago

"wii move"....yeah sure, it's so much more, but propaganda from fanbots is endless :) "eye toy natal", is more the reality.

every real player knows that only move is a serious controler for serious game (precision, lag free..wireless)

only box sheeps, marketing brainwashed fans buy everything, even the games they don't like, if they are xbox exclusives, and even if they was laughing about eye toy, ps eye, they probably want natal eye toy (israelians made it, not ms).

Fanb0y2860d ago

N4G users are a tiny minority of the total gamer population.

Among more casual gamers I know personally, Natal is quite hot. It's on their radar - they're just waiting for more information to be released.

They're more likely to buy it than not at this moment.

Anon19742860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

The casual and even hardcore gamers I know know nothing about Natal. I'm asking them about what they think and they're just staring at me blankly. Now bear in mind, these are average casual gamers who would look at you and ask, "What's a Halo?"

And that's the thing. Casual gamers don't know anything about Natal. They don't watch the youtube videos, they don't visit game sites, they don't read gamer magazines. That's not what casual gamers do. Casual gamers pick up a Wii because they've heard so much about them and their friends have picked them up. They think they'll be good with the kids and it has Mario. Everyone knows Mario.

What does Natal have? No brand recognition, who knows what it'll cost. No franchises. You honestly expect me to believe that a casual gamer faced with the Wii that he's heard so much about that's cheaper, slimmer, and has one of the most instantly and recognizable characters in video game history is going to suddenly jump onto the 360 Natal wagon? A more expensive, bigger, bulkier product running on questionable hardware and, what...Milo?

I'm sorry, I just can't see how Natal is going to sell 100 units to casuals, much less the millions that Microsoft is boasting it'll sell. If it was the only motion control console on the market they might have something but given the Wii's utter dominance in that market, I just don't see it. It's going to be a repeat of the Zune going up against the Ipod in my opinion. You might have an OK product, but it's simply too late.

Fanb0y2860d ago

Well said. Bubbles PS360.

Eddie201012860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Doesn't matter how many people buy it if they don't buy games and use it it just becomes another useless ad-on and it doesn't become a money maker for developers and publishers. I don't understand why anyone is excited enough to buy without seeing anything besides the little casual mini games and that little Milo demonstration that seemed more like smoke and mirrors than actual technology.

Not that I don't have interest but they need to show it's capable of more than what they have been willing to show people. Based on what they have shown I would not buy Natal.

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Droid Smasha2860d ago

MS has a ton of momentum and interest from the mainstream for Natal. They will have to really bring the big guns out at E3

Godmars2902860d ago

Or at least make it look like they brought them.

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B-Real2062860d ago

I'm more curious than interested and far from sold! We will see what MS has in store at e3.

Anon19742860d ago

But that's it. I'm curious. I find it a bit hard to believe that half of 360 fans said they're likely to rush out and purchase one this fall. For what? We haven't seen anything yet. Who the hell would commit themselves to purchasing a product they've never seen and don't know anything about?

Also, the majority of the respondents said they want shooters. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Microsoft specifically tell developers not to make shooters or action type games for Natal? 59% of males said they wanted it for shooters and 39% said action/adventure games.

What do you think the overall results for this survey would have been if they had mentioned to gamers that they wouldn't be getting either of those genres on Natal?

Redlogic2860d ago

When I read this, the first thing that I thought about was how could anybody say they will purchase Natal w/o even seein a single game yet. I'm sure this will all change after E3 (which is when this poll should have been done).

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NeoBasch2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I know many friends who are interested in Natal, but after I told them that it might cost $120 they opted out. Regardless, once Sony shows off the Move and PS Eye, the rest will be history. People will realize you can do just about everything Natal does with the PS Eye. Besides, Sony's done casual before. I'm sure Move will move plenty of systems.

kaveti66162860d ago

Why would you lie to your friends like that? I mean, Natal might suck and it might be expensive, but why don't you just let your friends decide that after Natal is released?

R2D22860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

You told your friends, who all have 360's that NATAL will cost $120 and that its basically a PS Eye and they said screw that we are getting MOVE.

Right :S and Santa is real and lives with the Easter bunny in candy land.

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