Alan Wake: The Worst Product-Placement In Gaming History? writes: I love Alan Wake. The game's creepy atmosphere, engaging gameplay and awesome visuals hooked me, but what impressed me most was the carefully crafted story. It's a story that you can take seriously--at least at first.

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Jack Klugman2682d ago

the game is so great but if i was reviewing it it would instantly lose a full point for the ad whoring it does. i am a 360 fanboy but stuff like this really pisses me off and ms knows no shame even if it comes at the expense of potentially ruining one of their games. the verizon ad did not fit the game at all and if i had a verizon phone as soon as i saw that i would of canceled it.

Inside_out2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

On my second play through...barely notice these things...Only the big Verizon sign I saw ONCE stood out for me...

BTW...this game is 12+ hrs...Its impossible if you play the game to finish faster...Mr Cows gets got caught in a troll...

The game is AWESOME...Didn't like the ending and wished it had some co-op but the game itself is great....

Old Greg2682d ago

but as soon as he was running back down the hall, my mind was instantly screaming again.

BkaY2681d ago

playing it.. and i love every bit of it..

props to remedy (hope i spell it right) lol


NeutralGamer2681d ago

Funny how product placement becomes such a big problem for Alan Wake, when no one notice how Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is filled with product placement...

Atleast its realistic to see a Verizon commercial on TV...

I dont think its realistic to see a hardcore motherf*cker badass green baret soldier running around in an Axe t-shirt with an Axe deodorant in his left hand and a Mountain Dew in his right hand on the battlefield...

Or is it?

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Cevapi882682d ago

looks like the bad guys were scared off by the verizon apps lol....totally takes away from the pathetic...just to earn a couple of more bucks...

HolyOrangeCows2682d ago

Well, when you spend 5 years on 7 hours of gameplay, you need some extra financial security.

Elven62682d ago

Seven hours? Have you even played the game? Each of the episodes are well over an hour long.

Elven62682d ago

Thank you so much for that informative post, all my questions are answered now...

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Natsu X FairyTail2682d ago

7 hours of gamplay? bunch of fools who havent played the game talking out their asses again.

callahan092681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

God of War 3 at 7 hours? Alan Wake at 7 hours? Both statements are ridiculous. Alan Wake took me 11 hours on Normal difficulty. The first 3 chapters I was exploring every nook and cranny, but then for the last 3 I just sort of went through as fast as I could without straying far from the main path.

God of War 3 took me 22 hours on Titan difficulty (game clock @ about 16 hours, but I'm not counting what the game clock says because it doesn't count all the time spent on checkpoints where you didn't survive, it only adds in the time for each checkpoint on the attempt you survived to the next checkpoint). I explored every nook and cranny, as well, and got all of the story-mode trophies in my first play-through.

So really, all in all, if I had played both games on the hardest difficulties available at default, and had done the same amount of extraneous exploring for both, then I'd honestly have to say they're about the same length, and both are certainly longer than 7 hours (and both are great games!)

Pootangpie2681d ago

it took 5 years but turned out spectuclar and well worth the wait your fanboy ass doesn't deserve to play games as epic like this length is a stupid reason to critcize a game I guess I can Uncharted 2 sucks as well it's only about 8-10 hours long

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Elven62682d ago

Some of the in-game advertising/placement was done really well but this Verizon ad is definitely not.

PRHB HYBRiiD2682d ago

that would have been better than a crappy commercial

ThatArtGuy2682d ago

In-game advertising is *never* done well enough for me not to notice it. Even in movies and TV it sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Set designers spend time making sure things are in or out of a shot, down to a single pencil on the table. So when you see something or someone speed around a corner during a foot chase and running into a pallet full of Coke, it's there for a reason.

nilamo2682d ago

God help it if you turn on a tv and you see commercials [email protected][email protected]!

Besides you didn't have to turn on the tv.. why is that only negative alan wake news gets approved around here.

eggbert2681d ago

There is a bunch of reviews in from various sites giving the game 9.0's and 9.5's.

Your probably seeing more "popular" articles about alan wake, and most of the most commented on articles for Alan Wake are the ones that give it low scores.

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