ModNation Racers Developer On Media Molecule: 'We're Kindred Spirits'

United Front Games, makers of the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive ModNation Racers, have expressed their gratitude to Media Molecule, the team behind LittleBigPlanet, for starting the "Play. Create. Share." genre that ModNation Racers looks to continue. In an interview with Gaming Union, William Ho, Game Designer at United Front, stated his belief that the two studios are "kindred spirits." He also praised Media Molecule's innovations, saying they will "be looked back upon as pioneers," and that his team "owes them a debt of gratitude."

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Kyll2980d ago

I think everyone knew there was some connection there, but it's cool to think they get along well and think alike.

mephman2980d ago

I think it'll be interesting to see if United Front will work with Sony exclusively again.

Coramoor_2980d ago

I'd guess they will if the sales of modnation racers exceeds expectations

JDouglasGU2979d ago

they seemed comfortable with sony, but of course part of that is towing the pr line. looking forward to MNR next week though

Sevir042979d ago

they are an independent Studio like Mm was. i only know that they have one other title in development and thats the reboot to True Crimess. i hope after that game is done, sony rights them a check and buys them. it'll be quite nice having another dev under Sony's umbrella, these guys would be in the best position to benefit.