New Xbox 360 Component Platform Planned

According to the Mercury Falcon is the name for the latest internal electronics in the Xbox 360. It will have an IBM microprocessor and an AMD/ATI graphics chip that are manufactured in a 65-nanometer production process. These are cost-reduced chips that do the same thing as their 90-nanometer predecessors, but they're smaller.

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Bill Gates4052d ago

1-Core = No HDD, and wired controllers
2-Premium = No HDMI
3-Elite = HDMI 1.2(not 1.3), and 90 nanometer
4-Falcon = Complete overhaul cause all the other entries sucked.

Bill Gates laughing at you, priceless....HHAHAHHHA

nobizlikesnowbiz4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Haven't you been banned yet?

When have you said something logical/intelligent/not total f**king douche?

I guess no one has to follow the N4G guidelines. Especially concerning having fake celeb names.

You are worthless.

<EDIT>: I get 3 disagrees. I'm sure they won't be the last. So you guys think that Bill is a constructive element to this site?

marinelife94052d ago

This is what I've been waiting for. I hope they do put the power brick inside the case as well. And if they put a quieter dvd drive inside that will be just perfect.

Mycococo4052d ago

this has been on the site already. before e3....

until i see it i wont believe it. but it is possible.

cdzie14052d ago

How wrote this article and who published it? Do they not have a spell checker?

THAMMER14052d ago

I'll sell my current 360 for a new one with the new chip set.

Cupid-Stunt4052d ago

The 65nm cpu sounds great.

M1am1U4052d ago

especially if it is coupled with a price drop. That would be great.

Premonition4052d ago

Im pretty sure theres a 4th SKU coming out, nothing really added just downsized chips that Microsoft confirmed way back, so this is not some news that came out of now where. And I just wished Microsoft would have though about this stuff from the start of development, because right now they would have been in a better position.

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The story is too old to be commented.