GameSpot: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II First Look

GameSpot writes: "Released in September 2008, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed proved that a game can be plenty of fun and still utterly heartbreaking at the same time. This beautiful action game from LucasArts had so much going for it: stunning art design, a robust physics engine that drove a wide variety of Force powers, and a compelling story that almost made fans forget about the prequels. (Hey, we said almost.) But a number of niggling issues like an imprecise targeting system and some ill-conceived set pieces punted much of the game's potential. Despite those issues, the game wound up selling north of 7 million copies, so naturally LucasArts is working on a sequel--a game we had the opportunity to see last week. [Warning: This preview contains spoilers related to the original Force Unleashed.]"

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