Killzone 3 Is Real, First Details

Looks like Killzone 3 is real, the latest issue of Gamepro apparently has the details.

Expect a feeling that the player will be “in a place far away from home, outnumbered”, there’ll be jetpacks, arctic levels, and – oh – 3D graphics, which require a 3D TV and, obviously, 3D glasses.

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Danteh2648d ago

The most amazing intro would be just Rico getting shotgunned in da face :D

young juice2648d ago

i think rico is a very important part of the killzone series i just recently played the first one and was amazed at how story driven it was.
hes like ussop from one piece. you want him dead, but you know how it'll effect the story.

Cevapi882648d ago

rico needs to rather see him go out guns blazing trying to save the squad or something like that since it does suit would be badass and his character would gain retribution if he was to do that...what they need to do is bring back Hakha...he needs to be a playable character...idk how they missed out on him in KZ2

darthv722648d ago

i am sure there will be more said at e3. I would really like sony to remake kz1 in the same upgraded gfx style like what they did for gow collection.

Maybe they will make more comments about other games that will get the retro upgrade treatment.

gamingisnotacrime2648d ago

nah, Ussop has its moments, and is ok. but that Rico bastard should have been shot in the face at KZ2 ending, that would have been icing on the cake

jellybalboa2648d ago

that my friend would be a perfect intro, you deserve a bubble up!

HammockGames2648d ago

That motherf'r was asking for it the entire damn game.

On Elite difficulty that dude was so useless - actually a complete liability - it was criminal.

mal_tez922648d ago

This quote made me s#!t bricks

"Will be like Inglorious Basterds. "

This is unbelievably good news!

PirateThom2648d ago

Rico represents everything that is wrong with games. I'm fairly certain it's intentional, he's loud and brash, in constrat to the more sensible characters in the game, you hate him the entire game and then he screws you over at the end.

He fills the role of "enraged liability" perfectly.

kunit22c2647d ago

cmon, please make 3D only an option, I don't have the money for a 3D TV right now...

fedex6822647d ago

I have not played Killzone 2 yet, that is because I dont play FPS as it gets me dizzy but I have been following the story on youtube and after that epic ending I am very eager to know what will happen...

For starters, Rico getting shot will be good! really good!

Mit2647d ago

Another controller lag fest! lmao...I bet sony has nothing for E3. LMAO!

BulletToothtony2647d ago

not trying to offend anyone but all you noobs who never played killzone 1 no wonder you're hating on Rico.... you guys have no idea how funny and important he is to the franchise.

If they killed Rico it would be a huge disappointment to most TRUE killzone fans..

you noobs jumped on killzone 2 and you want the makers to change the franchise because you don't know about the background.. please be true gamers and go play part 1 before you make comments like that..

shadow27972647d ago

Oh please. Rico sucked in Killzone 1, too, and he got worse in Killzone 2. You can be a real fan and still want Rico dead.

Get over it, you're in a minority. Calling people "noobs" doesn't make your opinion more important than everyone else's.

TRUE fans hate Rico, too, sorry.

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RatFuker2648d ago

the history of these days will be ritten in blood...ahh i remember the first time.

TOO PAWNED2648d ago

Why is SOny doing this? Announcing Socom 4, LBP2 and KZ3 pre E3. Come on now save something for E3

piroh2648d ago

i hope E3 won't be just a stealing show (ME,L4D...)

RememberThe3572648d ago

With the stuff we already knew was coming out of the way they can focus on the other new stuff.

TotalPS3Fanboy2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

is leaving Gears of War Triology, Mass Effect Trilogy, L4D, FF7 Remake, Legend of Dragoon 2, $199 PS3 price drop, and the buying of Sega and Square Enix for E3. LOL. j/k.

TheHater2648d ago

Last Week it was LBP2
This week it is Killzone 3
Next week? Resistance 3? Motorstorm 3? InFamous 2?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Sony have to announce more than 35 Games.

More than 20 Exclusives for Move.

And More than 15 Games for DS3.

And PSP coverage, that's another thing.

SuperStrokey11232647d ago

makes me wonder what is coming at E3...

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piroh2648d ago

'3D graphics, jetpacks, arctic levels'
bring it on, let's destroy the Helghast planet

CellularDivision2648d ago

I thought jetpacks were bad. At least everyone said so in the Halo:Reach articles. They said it was uncreative and stuff...

marinelife92648d ago

I wonder if Guerilla can top Naughty Dog's snow? Seems almost impossible.

BakedGoods2648d ago

I was thinking that too. Might not be a big deal though since as an FPS the affects your character has on the snow would be less pronounced anyway.

The thing I like about PS3 developers though, is that they're always competing internally with each other, pushing each dev team to max out the PS3--so in the end, gamers win.

TotalPS3Fanboy2648d ago

"It just looks fantastic how the snow lays down on the weapon and melts when shooting - and all that in 3D!"

cmrbe2648d ago

MGS4 snow is the best. Shadow Moses is the best.