PlayStation Move Coming in July?

A new brochure from local gaming outlet BT Games has outed a possible July release date for Sony’s motion controller, dubbed Move. Details on its release have thus far been one thing Sony’s managed to keep secret – and are expected to be divulged at E3 – but BT Games may have inadvertently let that cat out of the bag.

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-Alpha2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

It was originally advertised for Spring 2010, but now the official websites say Fall 2010. (last preview dot, scroll past the RDR promo)

I doubt it's coming July. Would be a nice headstart on Natal though.

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JoelT2644d ago

Here's a video interview with one of the creators of the tech behind the PS Move as proof.

UNCyrus2644d ago

The Ad violates Sony registered peripheral guidelines... should appear as PlayStation®Move

GavinMannion2644d ago

It may not be true but it's not fake.. that's the offical brochure from a local retailer.

harrisk9542644d ago

The Move announcement in the brochure does not match the rest of the brochure, graphically or color-wise. It just looks like it doesn't fit. Also, everything else has a price. If it was a real ad, it would have a price as well. Plus, wouldn't it be more prominently displayed?

And Sony has already said that it would be out in the fall.

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Mr Exclusive2644d ago

Natal, Move or Wii, I'm not touching them. I'd rather be caught masturbating than waving my hands around like a retard.

Aikuchi2644d ago

The thing I learned from the Wii was that after a long days work and I'm ready to sit down and relax and play a game the last thing I want to do is wave my arms about, wife agrees to. Even the kids hardly play the Wii, they play Ratchet, LBP, WhiteKightC, and now MNR. If they want to move around we go play outside.

Motion control seemed neat when it first came out, but the reality of it soon caught up with us, its not what we really want as gamers.

Though I do find maybe using as a virtual mouse for like RTS, or a remote a little more intriguing.

Sitdown2644d ago

And some how...tons of people are willing to do what you choose not to do; not everybody has a job that is so demanding that they don't want to come home and play motion controlled games. In addition, wii games can be a nice little alternative to a work out....something that some kids need to begin with. And a final point...anybody who has played the wii knows that you don't have to wave your arms...a simple flick of the wrist does the trick for most games.

Army_of_Darkness2644d ago

One has a Happy ending each time;)

Rumor2644d ago

i cant stress this enough. MOVE has to come before NATAL! once the casuals see it compared to move, they'll just blindly see a wii clone without the knowledge of the incredible tech behind it. NATAL is gonna be ate up by the casuals like vultures on corpses.

theyre gonna see some "revolutionary" device and completely ignore everything else..just like current times with the ps3 and 360.

god i hope SONY gets this thing out there...

ManGastaS2644d ago

This is PS3 fanboys worst nightmare!

ThatArtGuy2644d ago

When a woman sees you practicing with the equipment, it doesn't necessarily makes her want you to use it.

(Especially if she's a relative. LOL)

xabmol2644d ago

I don't recall "waving my hands around like a retard" while I was playing Metroid. I do recall having excellent controll over my aim though.

inveni02644d ago

Then play a game like SOCOM4, where you hardly have to move your hands at all in order to have pin-point precision.

dizzleK2644d ago

i'm almost certain that thats Redwood Falls, it looks identical to the footage on youtube.

Baka-akaB2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

I reassure you Mr Exclusive , for bystanders , you still look retarded with a pad in your hand ...
Especially with potential anger outburst , victory exclamations , tongue sticking out , and other kind of facials tics usually appaearing while gaming .

inveni02643d ago

Bubbles to ya. Well said.

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KILLERAPP2644d ago

Jack in the E3 conferences says when the move will be available and he says right now as of today…

TooTall192644d ago

Sony is going to pull a Sega Saturn on us at E3.

Cheeseknight282644d ago

I hope not. Saturn didn't exactly turn out too well for Sega.

RatFuker2644d ago

move is better than natal.

Briefcase Joe2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

who fuks rats. LOL. Why do the mods let him have a name like that?

Rumor2644d ago

even want to know the diseases contracted by even getting your dong close to one of those filthy creatures.

xabmol2644d ago

Besides, N4G is not even censored anymore. (fuck shit ass bitch) Why would the mods care about his name?

ClownBelt2644d ago

I would be going back to my hometown this coming Christmas, and I'll be bringing my PS3. Since my cousins and old friends will be there, this might be a great attraction on the party.

ManGastaS2644d ago

you will have to spend $300+ on move controllers to play with them!

exnihilonihilfit2643d ago

Except that anyone who can do math knows that the max price will more likely be $100 for a controller and a camera, plus $50 for each controller, bringing that total to no more than $250 for four controllers. Since you only need 1 controller to play, you only have to spend $100, and that's if you don't already have a PSeye. Plus, that's not including deals, or the possibility that the controllers will actually be less than $50 (which is a real possibility considering that the tech prolly isn't all that expensive). Plus, once it's released, Sony'll almost certainly be bundling it with all future PS3s so new system adopters won't even have to pay extra for it. At least try to make sense when you talk.