Sony: We have code that makes a new PSP game unhackable for at least 60 days

Sony has commented that they will soon reveal some code that developers can implement into their PSP games in order to stop their games on the PSP being hacked so quickly. Apparently, the new code will allow PSP games to experience at least a 60 day shelf life before the 'code' becomes void and the game hackable.

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RatFuker2977d ago

props! O.on Y.youngbloods. who think they can pawn the system.

RatFuker2977d ago

they should make it like 2 years or 3.

Blaze9292977d ago

I don't get it - is this supposed to make developers more confident in making PSP games or something? if anything, people can just wait 60 days and be right back to pirating PSP games.

I really don't understand what Sony is doing here with this one to be honest. What exactly is the point of 60 days of no hacking which would likely be 1-2 weeks tops for hackers.

HolyOrangeCows2977d ago

Definitely an interesting claim....doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but I think they mean they have code that they think would take 30-60 to crack.

But when PSP Go was cracked it a few days...

Raf1k12977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

'I think they mean they have code that they think would take 30-60 to crack.'

That's pretty much what I understood from it too.

evilmonkey5012977d ago

It doesn't matter.The psp is dead to devs and publishers.They can make 400 types of "new", "improved" and "better" psp's, but until a new platform is released, publishers and developers will stay the hell away from the psp. I highly doubt anyone is gonna say: hey look, Sony says this will protect our games for two whole months! lets take 2 years of our lives and make a game that will just get distributed for free in 8 weeks! The only reason anyone makes ANY psp games anymore is because SONY paid them to do it.

sikbeta2977d ago

OMG! That will Really Means, The RISE of The PSP.... but, 60 days?

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PirateThom2977d ago

Why not make the code last longer if it's "unhackable"?

BRG90002977d ago

Yeah, I have no knowledge of either coding or piracy, but this seems weird. If they've found a way to piracy-proof the code, why put an expiration date on it?

Ocelot5252977d ago

it's not an expiration date

BRG90002977d ago

Oh. That clears it up completely. Thanks much for the contribution.

Darkfocus2977d ago

when he said it's not an expiration date he meant that the date they set was the amount of time sony's engineers estimate it will take hackers to crack. just seems like the only logical solution to me I don't know why anyone would come to any other conclusion from sony's statement.

NexGen2977d ago

Oh I get it....they're claiming it's unhackable, but they believe it will be hacked in 30-60 days. Who's stupid enough to buy that line?

It's either not unhackable, or set to expire in that time, or more likely, a pure bs story. Wow, fake news? Who'd have thunk?

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dizzleK2977d ago

theres probably a study that says that most sales of a new game occur within the first 60 days.

nutcase4u2977d ago

After majority of first adoption sales happen then pretty much all remaining sales are from word-of-mouth. Pirating games allows word of mouth advertising to continue long after sales have slowed down.

Good observation dizzleK. Bubbles up

NexGen2977d ago

Yeah, I would assume most sales happen when a game is new...when else will they start selling? Is the prime time for sales 13 months later or something?

Old Greg2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Thats an excellent question. Infact its probably the most unbiased, intelligent question thats EVER been asked on N4G.

But the answer? Not so much, lol. The answer is: Sony is full of shit. There is no magic code. The current gens of PSPs are f*cked. They say that it should take people 60 days to hack the code and start pirating the game, but we all know this isnt true, and even if it was, there are always people who get their hands on the game weeks in advance and will have it cracked by the time the game launches.

Im just looking forward to the PSP2, piracy or not.

nutcase4u2977d ago

RockBand for PSP has some code within it to where after you play a pirated copy on a modded PSP and turn it off, it erases a crucial piece of code within the PSP custom firmware that allows you to play pirated games. When you back out of the game to the main screen then you can no longer play any pirated / downloaded games.

This is definitely something that Sony is capable of, but more than likely pirates will crack the code or patch a fix into the game making it available for download.

Old Greg2977d ago

never heard of that. interesting. but still pirates get these games WEEKS in advance so it'll be ready for release by the time the game launches, or perhaps even before.
they'll never win with this gen of PSP. its dead where it stands. Sony is prolly just glad to still be getting hardware sales(even if they are far and few between).
but these devs are going to have to move on soon, or accept that their game will sell less than 10,000 copies.

Christopher2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

They're not saying that it won't last longer, they're saying that the implementation is of a nature as such that it would take 30-60 days for someone to process the encryption you'd need to create a hack for it.

It's a software solution, so it can eventually be hacked no matter what. But it seems this method will require a lot more effort to hack.

Having said that, I'm skeptical of this claim. Once a system is set-up that will analyze each disc and the methodology used to encrypt is 100% figured out, it shouldn't take that much time to shuffle through a keyset and detect it for the game involved.

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jay22977d ago

I give it 24 hrs.......

RememberThe3572977d ago

I think he just mean that they are making it harder to crack and they hope that this will keep the hackers at bay for for a while. I doubt it though, everything they've tried has failed. Maybe if the games weren't 40$ more people would buy them.

dizzleK2977d ago

if they were $1 pirates wouldn't buy them. they want FREE because they're cheap, entitled f*cks.

zag2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Well Sony made it and thus own the system.

If they wanted they could put in code that updated the system or wiped the PSP completely re-flashed it to an OS that doesn't allow any modded software onto a PSP.

People will complain and so Sony have probably held off due to that only.

Look at the crap from the OtherOS that's just kids whinging or suing Sony because they took away a chance of allowing pirating on the PS3, it's got nothing to do with removed features, which it's never been a feature.

So all the cases will get dropped as no laws will support it.

Pandamobile2977d ago

If they based this 60 day thing off of internal testing, I give it no more than a week.

Pirates will be able to crack Sony's code a lot faster than Sony could.

CaptainMarvelQ82977d ago

the way i see it,at least Sony is constantly trying to fight piracy
Nintendo...what? only one update and it was cracked in about 4 days

SpoonyRedMage2977d ago

Isn't it a bit late for it now or does this mean Sony isn't going for a PSP2 yet?(which I think would be a mistake)

I would have saved this for the PSP2.

BakedGoods2977d ago

Unless the PSP2 is backwards compatible. Then this still makes sense.

Prcko2977d ago

sony is a KING for stoping piracy!!
PS3 is still non-pirated console,and with this they showing their strenght and hard battle against piracy!!

Jerk1202977d ago

The PsP proves that Sony is not the King of stopping piracy.

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