E4G: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

Dusan Pavlovic at E4G writes "Prince of Persia has come a long way since his humble beginnings on old home consoles and computers. After Tomb Raider revolutionized third person games, Prince of Persia jumped to 3D and failed with an awful title plagued by serious issues. And then the Sands of Time were born and oh boy was it awesome. Followed by Warrior Within and The Two Thrones, series gained a huge number of followers and to this day Sands of Time can be found in numerous lists of best games ever made. In 2008 Ubisoft released a new take on the series which disappointed a lot of fans because of numerous alterations and changes."

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dardinkay2831d ago

Game sucked...*Puts on fanboy protective shield*, there we go :P

playstation_clan2831d ago

if 7/10 is suck, what is 6/10 0-o

dardinkay2831d ago

Horrible, burn lol. I didn't "like" the game, it was just my opinion, jeez :P

Moragami2831d ago

Written by an illiterate??

"Right of the bat the story is completely forgettable" - Really? Right of the bat? What's to the left of the bat?

"As you saw in trailers and videos, Prince came to his brother but instead of worm welcome he is greeted with a giant battle" - I like a worm welcome as much as the next guy, but seriously, it doesn't work in this context.

Yeah this reviewer has a lot of credibility..

dardinkay2831d ago

Judging by the name of the reviewer, he sounds like he is from the middle east, or along those lines. Don't be too quick to judge. If you use common sense, you would understand what he meant.

1st quote = off instead of of
2nd quote = warm instead of warm