Blood, gore, violence...

Blood gushes into the space where the man's head used to be before you slashed his neck with an axe. His friend lies with his skull caved in after you bashed it in. Welcome to the world of violent video games. Too gory for you?

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MyNutsYourChin4165d ago

It's worth reading but I'm not sure it's going to settle any arguments. I found that the player data at the end of the article was more interesting than the article itself (i.e. Forty-two per cent of online game players are female).

THAMMER14165d ago

WOW I did not know that.

MK_Red4165d ago

Its really stupid when they say games have gone too far while we have R rated movies like Hostel 2 (A naked girl hanged upside down, being tortured by another naked girl until here throut is cut!?) or Saw 3 (Everyone dies the gories possible way).
And nobody says anything about all those torture porn movies (Hostel, Saw, Captivity, Texas Chainsaw...) in the market while games are considered the main reason of all murder and madness in the world.

Ebay3rd4165d ago

You hit it dead on the head, I have been preaching the same thing for a long time... I see why ya got so many bubbles , tell it like it is...
Bubble + 1

nobizlikesnowbiz4165d ago

Yea +bubbles MK_Red.

I say gore FTW in videogames but thats just me.

But the newer gore/horror movies are just so pathetic. Nothing but shock value.

"Let's make all these people die as horribly as possible, and vivid also! We want vivid! I want to see her guts spill!"

Those newer movies are just going too far.

Thank you MK_Red, your point is well taken.

JAWs4164d ago

Why do you need so much gore anyway. It is fine in movies (i don't have a weak stomach or any thing), but it is just a waste of animating time, money and space to include too much gore. Some games that go for the horror effect should use it, but why have blood poor out in skating games?