VGT: Trauma Team Review

VGT writes: "Fans of the Trauma Center series are going to be right at home with this version of the story, but newcomers may find the title too odd for their tastes. Trauma Team has a solid presentation and story line as well as a large amount of content to play through to finish the story. You are looking at about 20 hours of gameplay on the first run through, perhaps up to 30ish if you play through the game on multiple difficulty levels. Also, co-op mode helps extend the life of the title considerably as you are working together with a partner to complete the operations. All this being said, you will likely find that certain medical practices aren’t as entertaining as others; diagnosis for instance. I am glad that the developers are continuing to innovate and try new modes though. Overall, Trauma Team is worth the $39.99 retail price if you are looking for a quirky new Wii title".

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