P*N: Red Dead Redemption: First Impressions (In The Style Of Dr. Seuss)

Chris Forbis from (P*N) brings us his impressions of Red Dead Redemption in the style of Dr. Seuss!

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AliTheBrit192833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Been playing this all day

I haven't touched much of the Multiplayer

And only done like 2 main game missions, and you know what? I can already tell that this is without a doubt one of the greatest video games I have ever played

Blown away, seriously Rockstar, I bow down to you, you people are GODS!

Been spending hours just roaming around, having insane fun, hunting, doing the small missions (the blue dot ones) bounty hunting etc. and based on what I have seen in other gameplay footage I know I haven't even unlocked a bunch of the cool stuff

The world astounds me, I ride around and see people going about their own stuff, fighting, shooting it out, being chased by Animals.

It feels like you are apart of a giant breathing world, with so much to do and to see you feel overwhelmed.

Dear mother of F#*% it is a good time to be a gamer, I love 2010 :)

xabmol2833d ago

Next time, I think I'll opt for the same day delivery from Amazon. The wait is killing me. Especially now that everyone but me is playing it.

mikepmcc2833d ago

Same here man, my copy won't get here until Monday...stupid weekend.

ikkokucrisis2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

wait and wait i must,

Amazon's shipping to me is a bust!

Raf1k12833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

It's a great game but I'm not as impressed as AliTheBrit19.

I really loved the herding cow mission in the storm at night. It was really really cool. The idea was that the storm was really bad and would scatter the entire herd and was apparently bad enough to kill the men who'd try to go bring them back but when the herd was back home the rain just stopped which killed the whole mood. I was left wondering as to what happened to this killer storm.

That's the only thing that's bugged me so far. Everything else about the single player is great. Love the music which is one of the best things about this game.

edit: is it me or is this game darker than I thought it would be? I'm playing the PS3 version and midday doesn't seem to be as bright as I was expecting.

Ru2833d ago

Props to the author of this review, nice change of pace in review formats!
Next do a Edgar Allen Poe version. Or perhaps Shakespeare? :D

games4fun2833d ago


The weather for missions is predetermined for presentation but goes back after its finished. Kind of annoying but unnavoidable.

As a person who hated gta4 and thought it was overrated i love this game. Sure there are parts where your doing some long boring ride you cant avoid, but at least i feel immersed and there are tons of things to do as long as you keep trying to do everything. Also trying to keep good honor is tough in a good way. (waiting to be bad after i finish the single player storyline.)

Best advice would be to set aside large portions of time to play so you can enjoy the scenery and environment and spend an hour riding in the wilderness and helping/fighting what comes your way and playing a long game of poker. This way your not trying to cram all the action into a short time period. I'm only in mexico and ive played around 12 hours. To me this was worth 60 bucks.

For those complaining about the difficulty:
if your not using deadeye 24/7 and have auto aim turned off its challenging. (i dont use the power up items even at the cost of my life) (i personally turn auto-aim back on for portions when i'm riding a horse and shooting.) Try using lower grade weapons too, its up to you to make it hard stop blaming the developer when you can just obstain from all the in-game help such as overpowering guns and power up items.

stuntman_mike2832d ago

I'm really dissapointed with controlling the horse they made it too complicated 3 different buttons to make it move and stop, they should have used the analog stick to control how fast to trot and stopping and button to do a full speed gallop. like shadow of the collosus.