First Killzone 3 Screenshot Leaked

The first screenshot for the Playstation 3 exclusive Killzone 3 has been leaked. The most noticeable change is the snowy environment, which was previously unseen in prior Killzone titles. No other information has been released, but with E3 less than a month away, Killzone 3 has a realistic chance of making an appearance.

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SasanovaS19872954d ago

well i definitely never seen the fur around helghast neck before, so im kinda beliving this is a kz3 screenshot... what im not liking is the it planet helghan again? cus i really hoped for enriched lushes terrains of planet earth in kz2 graphics... to finally shut those crysis fanboys up

TotalPS3Fanboy2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Very interesting.

The textures are definitely high resolution. Just look at all the details on the clothes and all those straps and stuff the guy on the left is carrying. Amazing. Hopefully, it's not the work of some dedicated fan.

Looks like they're still in Planet Helghan?

-Alpha2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

There really isn't anyway to tell if this is real or not.

Still, can't help but get excited.


More weapons are needed. I really liked K2, but they need to improve/add:

-Party support, the lack of this was so baffling
-Class balance. Stupid Tactitian players creating choke points ruined the flow of game.
-Ability to see what kind of games servers are running. Can never tell if you are joining a simple 20 minute game or a 3 hour long game, which is always annoying.
-An absolute crazy amount of customization options. Ability to turn off grenades for example-- however if this happens they'll need to make matchmaking though. Too much customization would lead to games where rules are never fully understood. I like my basic modes of play and crazy custom games to be separate

I have high hopes for K3. Since they don't need to focus so much time on the engine it can only mean more focus on gameplay

-Ikon-2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Is it me or does this screen shoot look better than anything Crysis 2 related..

EDIT : Theres a link on KZ3 wiki that states environments will be destructible. Link not in English so..

Commodore2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

It's an image from Lost Planet 2

You people disagree with me...Look it up, I'm not sure though. Could be Killzone 3.

TotalPS3Fanboy2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

"Taken from Konsolifin:

2 days ago I was able to play Killzone 3 behind closed doors in Amsterdam and have to say that it looks crazy.

The graphics are still based on the same engine as its predecessor, but was immensely improved.

While the playable areas of the second part of the series were pretty linear, we can assume that there will be wider areas like those of Battlefield BC 2.

What impressed me the most in the 30 minutes were the snow effects. It just looks fantastic how the snow lays down on the weapon and melts when shooting - and all that in 3D!

To be honest, I was a bit sceptical but KZ3 looks phenomenal in 3D, the explosions, the rain and the snow seem to be so real, that hollywood blockbusters like Avatar pale in comparison.

According to Guerilla each exemplar will be shipped with 2 killzone-styled 3D glasses.

I can't say anything about the controls, because Sony didn't show anything about them, but KZ3 is targeted to be played with a generic controller or the Arc.

P.s. You should all mark your calendars for March 13th"

============================= ====================

From another forum:

Will show the Helghast have humanity left in them.

Will have the feeling that "of being in a place far away from home, outnumbered by people who want to kill you."

Will be like Inglorious Basterds.

All of the characters in the screenshots are flying in.. jetpacks?!

Will include arctic levels.

One mission in the game involves rescuing ISA Captain Narville.

Game is playable in 3D!

Have to wear 3D glasses, apparently the 3D effects are "crazy."

Combat is "unchanged from predecessor."

Hand to hand combat involves you "Unloading a string of different (and often brutal) attacks on stunned enemies."

The scale is supposed to be "bigger this time."

The Jetpacks are "surprisingly lightweight and agile, Killzone 3's jetpack is easier to maneuver compared to the sluggish incarnations of the gadget found in other games."

New weapon called the Wasp, basically shoots a "flurry of rockets" at an enemy.

Will show off the Helgjast culture.

There is actually a Helghast language, which will be explored in the game."

Apparently the next issue of Gamepro has a big Killzone 3 blowout.

============================= ====================

The best quote is this: "I was a bit sceptical but KZ3 looks phenomenal in 3D, the explosions, the rain and the snow seem to be so real... Avatar pale in comparison."

I have a feeling that after people play Killzone 3 in 3D at E3, they're never gonna be able to go back to 2D TV again.

And... "each exemplar will be shipped with 2 killzone-styled 3D glasses."

Why 2 glasses? Does this means the game will feature split screen co-ops?!!!

So excited!!! Killzone 3 in 3D is going to blow people's mind at E3!!!


Sev1512 - "As great as this is... There is an even bigger Sony first-party title that's about to be leaked. The first screenshot has hit the net and it's only a matter of time before it's on N4G."

TotalPS3Fanboy2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

- Will have "diverse locales."

- Have to sit in the center of the 3D tv for the 3D effects to work.

- 3D in this game is called a "Game Changer."

- Going to have "Intense Action"

- Jetpacks double as a weapon, which basically means a machine gun mounted right on top of it.

- If you shoot Helghast with jetpacks, they'll "explode like roman candles"

- To control the jetpack, you "have to activate bursts of speed in midair, propelling yourself across further distances."

- The Jetpack resembles something you'd do in platformers such as Super Mario Bros. Or Uncharted

- In one mission, you have to use the jetpack by "launching yourself from glacier to glacier"

- You'll see "a lot of" snow levels.

- Everything is more spread out in this game.

- The game looks very complete.

============================= ====================

Someone need make that screen shot shake so it looks like its 3D. LOL.

Anyway, I have a feeling all those white snow are going to turn red when I played. Hahaha.

N4BmpS2954d ago

Oh snap they brought back the Jet pack guys from the PSP game?

RosoTron362954d ago

Bubbles for the great info O.o /excitement

Petro892954d ago

Where is the Sev1512 quote from?

Thanks for all of the info and scans guys.

Killzone 3 looks awesome! Can't wait for E3...

young juice2954d ago

for goodness sake take away the cover system if it compromises the controls. and tighten up the controls while your at it. i dont like the lag effect.

also the online grenade spamming is just.... well... that was kinda fun for the first 15 or so games but then it got annoying

legendkilla2954d ago

im about to play some Killzone 2!!! headshot... BING!!!

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himdeel2954d ago

...although it's very possible. I don't know and while I want to salivate all over this I'm not approving this because I just don't know if it's real or not. Either way K3 announcement at E3 is what I'm expecting. My sock will immediately fly off if they even say December 2010.

RememberThe3572954d ago

All I want is more weapons. Killzone 2 is still my top online game this generation.

CellularDivision2954d ago

These screenshots seem legit. Its just too bad it looks the same as KZ2. But Its a good thing I dont care about graphics. I will get this for the 3D. Been waiting for a 3D PS3 shooter.

morganfell2954d ago

This is artwork, not a screenshot.

BakedGoods2954d ago

It doesn't look like all. You can clearly see the polygon edges of the suits. The snow in the bottom left are definitely sprites. Not to mention you can see the AA at work; artwork doesn't need anti-aliasing, buddy.

dizzleK2954d ago

do you need glasses? lol. it's obviously a screenshot, this isn't a smoothed-out bullshot or target render like epic releases.

-Alpha2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

God Playstation Clan, please don't start the Halo killer nonsense again. It didn't "kill" Halo the first two times, and it wont the third time. The game will be great, let's please leave it at that and stop comparing these two totally different shooters.

And look what happened to Forza's sales :/


Please show me how this picture shows any reason to justify "Halo Killer" nonsense. Why so hell bent on "killing" Halo, the games are totally different. Please, an answer would be nice instead of hiding ;)

Godmars2902954d ago

Didn't they say the same thing about the infamous E3 trailer?

Meh, can't be any worse than jumping on the Forza 3 "Definitive" bandwagon :p

jjohan352954d ago

Based on the recent articles on N4G including photos of printed magazine layout, morganfell is obviously wrong yet again.

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ZombieNinjaPanda2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

It might be the polar ice caps of Helghan?

Holy crap though.

[email protected]

Ah good point good point

I forgot at the end the Helghast were finally pushing the ISA back and we're most likely gonna see them going to Vekta to get it back

End Spoilers

BakedGoods2954d ago

Or polar ice caps in Vekta?

Maybe KZ3 moves from Helghan to Vekta half-way through?

Sev2954d ago

Fallout from a nuclear bomb has created a sort of "ice age".

SeanRL2954d ago

It should start on helghan and move to earth.

tapaz2954d ago

not earth bro, Vekta. I don't think there is an earth in the Killzone universe.. is there?

Cevapi882954d ago

in the original story...humans devastated Earth or something like that to the point it was a mass exodus to find a new home was set out....this where we get the formation of the ISA...and the helghast were human first...they got rich through the planet helghan due to the immense resources and were living on vekta....they bought their independence from the ISA....the ISA gets jealous...a coup occurs....those living on vekta get shipped off to helgan and that is where we get the transformation from human to Helghast....this is just from what i remember...there is a lot im missing out on

Greysturm2953d ago

Check the timeline at Doubt it will go to earth it will probably stay in helghan and its probably just helghan winter. The jist of the plot is Vekta/helghan was the midpoint for all interspace travel and were racking in the cash with transit and fueling fees earth saw this as a threat to its supremacy and took vekta.

kaveti66162954d ago

I'm sorry, but aren't the PS3 fanboys the ones who should shut the hell up about Crysis? Haven't most people agreed that regardless of how good Killzone 2 or 3 looks, it's not ever going to match the visuals and physics effects of Crysis?

I myself am not a Crysis fanboy and I think Killzone 2 looks great and KZ3 will look better, but please don't overhype KZ3, man.

RatFuker2954d ago

just because crysis is an amzing graphical powerhouse does not mean it cannot be touched. ill wait to see the kz3 graphics before i judge.

TheBand1t2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I didn't drop either, since I liked Killzone 2's gameplay as much as I liked BC2's.

Since, y'know....they're both fun.

BattleAxe2954d ago

PC gamers have a serious superiority complex, in which Crysis is used almost like a metaphorical penis which makes them feel like they have to compare their penis to ours. Let me be clear about this Kavetti, you guys are rockin the 3 incher while we're pullin out the 8 incher. Get over it Killzone3 will look better than Crysis 2.

Anon73492954d ago

Technically it's impossible for any PS3/360 game to reach the level of crysis.

I can play crysis at insanely high resolutions, far beyond 1080p with 16xAA and 120fps. There's also mods for crysis to make it look even better.


It's not that we have a superiority complex, it's just that we are truthful and we're just superior.

PC will always be better than consoles for many reasons.

Mod Support
Dedicated Servers
Game Pricing
Hardware Pricing
Controls (Accuracy, Keys, Precision, Options, ect)
Dev Support

----------------------------- --------------------------
----------------------------- --------------------------

The only reason why these console kiddies think they're consoles stand a chance against PCs is because they're delusional and they don't understand how PC gaming works.

----------------------------- --------------------------
----------------------------- --------------------------

Even though I have a gaming PC, I play my PS3.. and often too.

You know why? Because it has games, Exclusives games that I can't play anywhere else.... something the 360 doesn't.

I don't play my PS3 for pretty graphics, I play for the quality games.

Games like Demon's Souls, LBP, MGS4, GoW3, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Valkyria Chronicles, ect

Ju2953d ago

That's not the point. PC games waste resources left and right. You claim whatever resolution and whatever "visual enhancements", but forget to mention, this is possible with a 5 years younger technology, filled up to the max in the box, and yet it is no art to waste 50% of those resources available, because, who cares, just put a new graphics board, a new CPU in there next week. Everything not maxed out in specs on a PC is barely above that level, if at all. Heck, my 1 year old Quad needs to run 720p to match what KZ2/UC2/etc delivers, and KZ3 will deliver.

So, technically speaking, KZ3 with this base of fixed HW environment > anything a PC can ever pull off. It's just a SW engineer's marvel to squeeze this out of that machine and getting even mentioned in a comparison with Crysis on a PC.

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Matthew942954d ago

crysis looks better. get over it
it doesnt mean k2 is any less enjoyable. they are both good games

foxxy2954d ago

We will see whn it comes out don't choke on your words.

BiggCMan2954d ago

yea crysis looks better, but do u think it couldnt be done on the ps3? then ur stupid. the ps3 can handle cryis easily, and still have breathing room left over. you people overestimate crysis like it could never be done outside of a computer. well it can.

waterboy2954d ago

killzone 2 is made of pure game art, crysis is based on photorealism, its not impressive

iamgoatman2953d ago

I can't believe 16 people agreed for BiggCMan. The mind boggles at the stupidity of this place.

griff22953d ago

BiggCMan isn't being stupid. The PS3 has targeted software and hardware - targeted to do just one thing, play games. PCs are general computers, bogged down with bloated badly written GUI software (Windows) and poorly optimised games. For example, I have a little Western Digital media-box which can play 1080P videos at Blu-ray bit-rates without a hiccup; it has a single CPU and sweet FA RAM, yet it can run rings round my PC (which struggles with 1080P at anything like a half decent bit-rate) but yet has two cores, an order of magnitude more RAM and a decent graphics card.

Just remember PC fanboys your machine is general purpose. You may also like to consider that the PS3 is used in supercomputer clusters when the Cell architecture can be specifically exploited for a particular purpose.

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zeddy2953d ago

looks like concept art but its real thats why its so exciting.

kneon2954d ago

That's fur and it looks like snow around their feet so whatever planet they are on it's cold.

darthawesome902954d ago

Sony has some problems with leaks....E3 is gonna suck! Just like last year. No surprises.

Sony seriously has to get this under control or Microsoft is seriously going to know what Sony is going to hit them with and blow Sony away.

Ju2953d ago

With what ? We know Halo Reach, the prematurely announced GeoW3. So, what else do they have ? R3 hasn't even been released. Insomniac will come up with brand new IP. inFamous2 ? There are quite some more pending...I am very curious to see M$'s counter. AW, nah, don't think so. What else you got ?

Mr Logic2954d ago

Crysis2 will definitely look better on PC, but let's wait until we see KZ3 gameplay and Crysis2 PS3 gameplay to compare. Oh and btw the screenshot is a measely 640x360 and still looks that good.

inveni02954d ago

I'm sorry, but I don't think this is KZ3. The quality of the "leak" is a direct would they manage to get that? Plus, there's lots of geometry errors, such as broken meshes and clipping. It makes me think that this is just a mod to another game. I almost agree with the guy who said it was Lost Planet. They do have those player skins, you know.

sikbeta2954d ago

Freaking Awesome, I can't F*cking Wait for KZ3, Definitely Day One!


Chubear2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Just show the picture. Yes, that's Vecta for sure! Play KZ1 and see.

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!

Darkstorn2954d ago

Awesome. Killzone 2 is still one of my favorite shooters - and I hope the excellent multiplayer is back!

OmarJA-N4G2954d ago

Holy Hell! my favorite FPS this gen.

Old Greg2954d ago

The crysis fanboys are STILL laughing at you, all these years later.

Infact, I wouldnt even say its just crysis fanboys, but anyone who knows anything about PC Gaming in general.

Stop making silly comparisons.

PCnPS3Gamer2954d ago

why are people wondering or disappointed at killzone 3 being on helghan have you even beat the kilzone 2 campaign?

Well at the end your stranded on helghan and the squad has to find someway to get back home....just cuz you killed the helgan leader doesnt mean you automatically teleport back to earth......

do you really think guerrilla is going to just skip right passed all the epic and emotional scenes of desperately fighting your way off of helghan. also theres still alot of helgan we havent scene possibly snow .

Darkstorn2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

True, but I doubt there are any biomes containing lush plant life On Helghan. I was under the impression that Helghan had exhausted most of its natural resources. Perhaps part of the game takes place on another world occupied by the Helghast.

PCnPS3Gamer2953d ago

if you want foliage and bright colors play uncharted, besides when was war ever bright and colorful. war is miserable and cold and wet, dark grey bleak....also for what you want to happen in killzone 3, the squad has to figure out how to get home or off the planet for that matter, that sounds like an epic story right there...

to many of you pussies want every game to be bright and colorful with flowers and sunsets, well thats great man i love that too, but seriously theres a time and a place...aka different genre of games.

i bet your assuming theres no lush plant life because they're wearing masks maybe the air is toxic to them maybe they were it to become genetically enhanced similar to haze. theres still a chance for the planet of helghast to contain foliage. remember in killzone 2 we basically just explored one city.

also geez its not always about foliage sometimes its nice to experience something alien something different not every planet is like earth doesn't mean its shitty. every planet is unique somehow, find that in helghan and please stop being one of those whiners who wants every planet to look like earth or pandora.....

tman6922954d ago

Q1 2011 can't come soon enough!!

Lifendz2954d ago

and I'm happy. Killzone 2 was, and remains, one of my favorite games this gen. Can't wait to see what Guerilla does in terms of improving the engine, gameplay, and what new features they throw in this time (like co-op?)

2953d ago
MazzingerZ2953d ago

don't really care, game will be out one day anyway

what I don't get is how people can tell the setting of the game based on just one screenshot?

Why can't it start in Helghan and then continue in earth?...that's one of the things I hated about Halo 2...Earth was the promised setting and you ended up somewhere else anywhere

pixelsword2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

the first killzone had a snowy environment; it was the area where the hidden base was where the team launched into space.

This also suggests that either they are in Vekta or another planet, seeing that Helgan was hub for to other known planets.

This dude never played the first game, I see.

Alvadr2953d ago

Its a shame that Sony cant keep anything under wraps

8thnightvolley2953d ago


i want kz3 to kick crysis2 ass soooo bad make bloody crytek eat their words ...

Blinding_Solo2953d ago

I can't wait for the final build of this game its a guarantee orgasm for my eyes.

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Brian52472954d ago

Hope the gameplay will match the graphics.

seij5552954d ago

The gameplay matched the graphics in 2 for me. Just because it didn't have twitch COD controls doesn't mean it had bad gameplay.

blizzard_cool2954d ago

I have to agree with you kind sir. KZ2's MP was the best MP on the PS3 and I seriously miss it :(

dinkeldinkse2954d ago

The controls actually felt realistic and the game actually required superior skill instead of superior reflexes like in twitchy shooters like COD. I shoot at a much faster rate than most people(I still haven't found a person that can shoot at a faster rate than me)so twitch shooters are really easy for me and to have a game that kind of erases that advantage is just awesome.