GamePro: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review writes in one paragraph, "Ultimately, Nintendo presents a creature that immediately looks and feels familiar, a comfortable and inviting videogame that is instantly recognizable. Flippant to our initial preconception, it seduces players into complacency, then quickly asserts its true identity over and over again. Galaxy 2 is a constant deluge of fresh ideas that are successful -- not because of its place in a franchise -- but because it is wholly willing to reinvent itself on the fly. Regardless of the player, and regardless of the legacy that comes with the Mario brand, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a gameplay experience that charges forward on its own rapidly changing terms. We, the lucky players, are only along for the ride."

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callahan092954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

OK, so IGN and Edge gave this game a 10. Neither source hardly EVER gives 10's. And then GamePro doesn't give it a perfect score? They give dozens of perfect scores every year. And honestly, I'm inclined to think that IGN and Edge went too easy with their scores, and not that GamePro went too harsh on it. Still, the game looks excellent, just not necessarily deserving of a perfect score (at least not from sources that are harsh critics on everything else, it just seems like this game got a free pass on the same things that would have surely seen points taken away from other games). Can't wait to try it out next week.

Seferoth752954d ago

Gamepro is a Pro Sony site and they are constantly trying to make the Wii look bad..They don't always make it obvious. Jabs here and there in reviews. Posting false info.

Gamepro and Gameinformer are two mags I will never trust again. They made their loyalties clear long ago to any who pay attention.

callahan092954d ago

Really? I never noticed that, I'll have to take a look at some of their other review history.

SpoonyRedMage2954d ago

Why would they all of a sudden give the game a free pass though? Edge gave NSMBWii a 7 and IGN's 10 for SMG2 is their first 10 for a Nintendo game since Ocarina of Time.

You're coming off as butthurt to be honest.

and I don't know about pro-Sony but Gamepro's Wii reviews ARE garbage, as are Gameinformer's.

snaredrums2954d ago

That's a good score for a great game :D

Can't wait to get my hands on it this Sunday!!