Q & A with TERA Lead Writer Dave Noonan: The world of Tera

TERA is a richly developed MMORPG from En Masse Entertainment, a team full of talented industry professionals. Currently scheduled for release in winter, TERA will offer new innovations to the traditional MMORPG.

The team at TERA has offered Examiner an exclusive chance to ask questions of the development team. In the first Q&A session, Examiner speaks with Dave Noonan, Lead Writer at En Masse Entertainment, about the world and environments of TERA.

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killyourfm2861d ago

Didn't know much about TERA until reading this interview...I've typically avoided MMORPG's but this makes me much more interested...

N4GAddict2861d ago

I might actually play this

Leupac2861d ago

I can't wait to try this game, though I have a habit of really getting into games like this, I'll just have to remember to set limits for myself.

StixRemix2861d ago

Agreed. And the screenshots look amazing.

N4GAddict2861d ago

TERA looks awesome for an MMO

sidion2861d ago

This game is looking great!