Playstation Phone

A quick look a what could be an awesome gadget.

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himdeel2858d ago

...I'd be all over it without any first day adoption qualms whatsoever.

sinncross2857d ago

I think the PSP phone will be a 2nd SKU to the PSP2.

Add in 2 analog nubs, 4 shoulder buttons, in game xmb, a mic, along with java, phone calls, SMS/ MMS ability and we're sorted.

The PSP Phone doesn't need to be some elaborate device... just a PSP with the basic functions of a cellphone.

The Great Melon2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I agree if there will be a PSP phone it will probably be a later iteration of the PSP 2. Sony wants people to buy PSP 2 when it comes out not wait until their contract is up on the cell plan. Tying the PSP 2 to a network contract initially could be a dangerous move even if the product is great.

Stinkinmushroom2857d ago

4 shoulder buttons? I hope that never happens on a handheld. How would you hold it if you had to push those buttons a the same time?

kraze072857d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing.

PirateThom2857d ago

How do you hold a controller when you have to press all four shoulder buttons?

darkmurder2857d ago

Not gonna happen, theyd have to make their own new OS and I dont see that happening considering theyre pushing Android and WinMo.

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Army_of_Darkness2857d ago

I would so buy it!!! cause I seriously need to ungrade from my 3 yrs. old motorola razer lol!... everybody flashing their blackberry's & iphones & sh1t! whatever.

wait til they see me with a PSP phone!! Hahaha!

DaTruth2857d ago

I've never had a phone in my life that lasted 3 yrs, except my original Motorola brick flipphone!

I hope they make a PSP phone because that is the only way I will be assured more than 3yrs use out of a phone. Still have my PSP1000 in perfect condition.

MEsoJD2857d ago

way I'm getting a psp. Sony would be stupid not to make it into a

cell phone.

GAM3R7l2857d ago

So PSP-GO fails BIG time, and they decide to add phone functionality and re-market it as an all-in-1 device to go up against iPhone. They should have been smart, and done this to begin with, and left the games to PSP 3000.

xHarvey2857d ago

If its small and sexy not big and bulky.

gamingisnotacrime2857d ago

then we might see the first PS product to fail. Ericson fails big time

kraze072857d ago

PSPGo failed imo so that would make it the second.

silvacrest2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

if done right it could be so awesome, me and people above would certainly buy it

their are obvious things it needs to be a success, price being the main one
but if sony managed to put the android OS on their somehow that would definitely appeal to a big crowd

there is so much sony can do with a psp phone, i just they do it right

PirateThom2857d ago

If done right, it could be awesome.... but it will be Sony Ericsson and their output, recently, has been a bit of a disaster.

Satio was a buggy mess.
X10 is a nice phone, but they ruined the software on it, which is Android by making the user interface a deformed XMB.
Vivaz is alright, but it's running Symbian.
Elm isn't a smart phone, but a nice, environmentally friendly basic phone.

Games4M - Rob2857d ago

True but a PSP phone wouldnt need to be a shit-hot phone, just a PSP with basic phone functions would sell it to me.

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