How will Bungie's "Quit Ban" affect Reach sales?

Now that the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta is officially over, Bungie will be hard at work analyzing the masses of data that they received from players and tweaking things for the final release in roughly four months. One feature that Bungie implemented in the Reach Beta that drew an exceptionally large amount of criticism on their feedback forum was the so-called "Quit Ban."

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-Alpha2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Er, it probably wont.

Why would it? If anything people will be turned off by the new gameplay style because of Armor Abilities.

I very much like this new Halo. Better than paying money for the same old style with a few upgrades IMO. Nothing wrong with Halo 3's style, but if it stayed the same people would be complaining even more.

The Quit Ban is great. Quit it enough times and you slowly work yourself up to a higher and higher punishment.

There is no issue with the quitting penalties, though, if you quit, say, because you have a bad connection, or you HAVE to go, then it will count towards your ban-- however periodically quitting doesn't do you any harm. Only if you do it often, so what's to complain about?

The only real issue I have is that people who wanted to quit would end up team killing and screwing around like purposely getting team killed so they can boot their teammates.

The only real problem I have is that players shouldn't really be forced to play games they don't want, and I'd like to see more specific playlists. That alone would stop half the quitting. The problem though is that Halo has by far the most varied and detailed game modes I've ever seen so the grouping is understandable as to why we'll never see specific modes like in Call of Duty.

Also, I would like to have seen a drop-in drop-out method for Social playlists, but to my understanding the COD drop-in drop-out method would require serious restructuring of Bungie's network code, or whatever technical jibberish it is.

SixZeroFour2983d ago

i actually disagree a little...i think it will affect sales but to an insignificant extent

the thing is, does that matter? because as far as im concerned, if THOSE ppl dont buy it cause they quit many times and dont want to be banned, then i dont care if they arent playing with me, cause they wont help my match anyways

again, its not like a mil+ ppl wont buy the game because of the quit ban (it was partially in halo 3, but this is apparently quit ban 2.0) because unless it will affect them (meaning it will only affect them if they are quitters themselves) then it shouldnt matter if they have this in reach multiplayer...its only helping out the community not have to suffer being in an odd-man match

i do however agree with you in that bungie should have drop in drop out method of matchmaking

HolyOrangeCows2983d ago

Why should I be forced to play a game where I'm completely outranked, or people are cheating/glitching, or I want to play another match with a friend?

The BS Police2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Play with a party of friends, the fact of the matter is that if you consistently quit when you go into Matchmaking alone you are negatively impacting the game for the Teammates you were matched up with.

I lost count of all the games I lost because some annoying random quit because he didn't get the gametype he liked or because he was getting owned.

As for bugs and glitches, that was only a problem in Halo 2, Halo 3 had little to no issues on cheating and I doubt it will be an issue in Reach either.

SixZeroFour2982d ago

technically with the trueskill matchups, you shouldnt be outclassed or outranked...with respect to ppl cheating or glitching, there is little to no such thing in in halo 3 (and hopefully this will apply to reach with the beta data we provided) and lastly, there is this thing called joining a player queue in halo reach, and when you want to join one of your friends and they are in a match, all you have to do is wait, and itll automatically put you into their matchmaking group once they are done the match

on top of that...this ban is only applied when you abuse doesnt get applied to you when you just quit one match cause you want to join a friend...its if you constantly quit a match cause you suck, or get fustrated easily or what have you

Darkfocus2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I should be able to leave any time I want to. Now instead people will just idle if they have to go do something else which is far worse.
the quit penalty's the reason I stopped playing Uncharted 2 online.

if you leave there's always others waiting to play so the matchmaking system could just put someone else in to replace you. problem solved. that's the way every online pc game I've ever played works and it works fine.

-Alpha2982d ago

Quit bans don't work that way.

You are ALLOWED to quit, it's just that do it enough times and you start to get punished which is completely fair. Why should you cherry pick your games?

Also, in terms of outranking players are usually matched very close to each other in Halo. Call of Duty on the other hand has horrible matchmaking.

So, Orange Cows, you CAN quit, the thing is, if you do it frequently enough you deserve to be punished for it. It's unfair that players always screw up the team JUST because they don't like the way a game is going.

tplarkin72982d ago

Whether you win or lose...finish the fight!

HolyOrangeCows2982d ago

Pfft, the heck if I care. I pay good money for games and (If I were still paying for LIVE) to play online. I'm playing so that I have a good time, not for SniperKingVirgin34085.

Halochampian2982d ago

more of a 30 min suspension. Not a ban.

Be a man and finish the game. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

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Bnet3432982d ago

It won't stop sales. I am so for this. I was bringing up this idea back in Halo 3. I was saying "If someone quits, why not out like a 5 minute waiting penalty before they jump into another match?" And if they were to quit again, it extends my an extra minute or something like that. I can't believe it's going to come true. The only thing is, what about if you lose internet connection and it isn't your fault? Glad I go FiOS lol ... :D

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KILLERAPP2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )


m232982d ago

I think it is a great idea, quitting ruins the game for the other players in the match. Once in a while is okay I guess, but abusing it should definitely get you punished.

Xi2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

the team mode gametypes in halo reach are extremely team oriented. I think quit banning is a great fix.

People are also forgetting that the game types will be a lot more varied come reach's release. I'm sure team swat, team slayer, mlg, and team objectives will be separate gametypes like in halo 3.

those people that quit most, were the ones who quit because they didn't like the gametype, they can just avoid it in rach.

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