Top 5 Video Game Characters We Wish We Could Have Killed

These characters were the reason that some games were hard or caused many a controller to be smashed to pieces. They either impeded our progress through their stupidity or laughed at our misfortune. We couldn’t ice them and we were bound by their lack of respect for out gaming experience. While these games wouldn’t have been the same without these memorable characters, they were the cause of incredible irritation and aggravation - most notably in the form of the dreaded escort quests.

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qface642711d ago

i actually liked slippy well starfox64 slippy after that he got lame

ChickeyCantor2711d ago

Slippy was meant to be annoying, it was intentional...So I dont see why people still after so many years make a problem out of Slippy.

qface642710d ago

how could anyone hate

"fox get this guy off me"
"this is really starting to tick me off"
"phew that was too close"

he was my favorite

kunit22c2710d ago

I immediately thought of the dog in duck hunt and Navi!!!

MEsoJD2710d ago

That piece of sh!t should die. They really couldn't find a more fit


gamesmaster2710d ago

fox is tom cruise, falco is val kilmer.. i personally feel like killing both..

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Cevapi882711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )


dont you find it ironic that the best characters Radec and Visari die...although i found it badass that Radec went out the way he did...but killing Visari?? and having Rico do it?? idk, kinda rubbed me the wrong way...but i cant wait for KZ3

SpLinT2711d ago

Rico was a baddass on kz1. anyone who played it understands that the shit he pulled on kz2 was clearly his baddassness kicking in. If Rico Dies, KZ dies.

I agree Slippy was annoying but a good character, better than that girl fox they brought in. Killed Starfox

Cevapi882711d ago

hopefully they will explain his complete backstory in KZ3 since they said that the story is going to play an important element now

Rucury2711d ago

"If Rico dies, KZ dies"

Let it die. Goddamn Rico.

gamesmaster2710d ago

rico got on my nerves, its like hes gunning for a part in the gears of war movie. massive idiot

Killzone3Helghast2711d ago

Pikachu - oh how I want to strangle that little thing
Mario - shove him down the toilet with a plunger I will
Peach - shove her in a closet for being used so many times I will
Kratos - oh wait you can't kill the god of war
Diddy kong - for feeling like a tacked on sidekick

I'll come up with more later

LeonSKennedy4Life2710d ago

You didn't play any of the Donkey Kong Countries did you? He was faster than Donkey on the first one and stronger than Dixie in the second. The third one wasn't as good. Diddy Kong used to be awesome!

eagle212710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Killzone 2 - shove it down a toilet with a plunger I will.

You probably are a teenager with bad taste in gaming anyway.

Jager2710d ago

Really Eagle? The dude said Rico, from Killzone 2, and Kratos, from God of War. Don't see the fanboyism here.

jashmister2711d ago

Otis from dead rising
Massacring through a mall of zombies is hard enough but when some idiot keeps calling you every few seconds you want to start Massacring him instead

ThatArtGuy2711d ago

or doesn't know that you can blast the dog from Duck Hunt halfway to Hades if you play the arcade version. I have no idea why Nintendo took out the Bonus Rounds of the arcade versions when they put them out on the NES. It was the same hardware. The results screen from Excitebike was made worse for the home version too. (I loved the bonus round on Excitebike too.)

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