No X07 This Year?

Aaron Greenberg, Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Group Product Manager, confirmed that there will be no X07 taking place this year. Instead he said Microsoft will have to find other ways to release their big surprises such as dashboard updates and so on later this year. You can hear him confirm this on the newest Squad XP Podcast. Also he confirms that Pixar Movies and Pirates Of The Caribbean will be finding their way on the Video Marketplace later this year.

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Odion3896d ago

Man that sucks, I was looking forward to X07 its always a fun event, I am guessing lipizeng is going to be their show then

Captain Tuttle3896d ago

I thought they were holding back a bit at E3 for this. Oh well.

killercam193896d ago

lets just ignore certain ppl

THAMMER13896d ago

Oh well we can ask why all day but it is what it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.