VIDEO: Famous game circuits recreated in ModNation Racers

GamesRadar writes: As soon as ModNation Racers was announced at E3 last year, I knew I'd be making this feature. The thought of being able to recreate famous racing games in a kart racer sounded great - almost too good to be true. But it wasn't - it's real, it's here and it works better than any of us could possibly have imagined.

So join us as we take you through three of the best racing games ever made, ModNation style.

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SasanovaS19872830d ago

imagine green hell in MNR lol

darkmurder2829d ago

These can only go so far however its a totally different course if in games such as the Outrun map cars aren't in your way.

ShinMaster2829d ago

How about the Special Stage Route 5 from GT? Or other original tracks from it?

siliticx2829d ago

Green Hell would be a mess. That course isnt made for drifting, like at all ;P

Davoh2829d ago

Great recreations, and all this time I never even knew there were boost pads on those circuits

Montrealien2829d ago

I enjoy Mod Nation racers very much, but sadly in the last few days, Blur has stolen the spotlight in my living room. I have to recommend to anyone that loves Modnation racers and kartracers to check our blur, it is an evolution of that type of game, minus the amazing track maker and custome racers modnation racers offers of course, it just feels right, or at least I think it does.

You can disagree, I respect your opinions, however I just think Blur is a funner game, and much craziers, 20 cars battles are insane.

tomisnever2829d ago

I thought Blur wasn't out yet?

Montrealien2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

well, neither is Mod Nation and I have that also.

And no, they are not pirated, I have them before they are put on the shelves, I am lucky like that. You can check my gamertag and see my Blur achievements, but I don;t have any Mod nation trophies yet, since the loading times kinda killed it for me, hopefully they fix that crap.

Parapraxis2829d ago

There's a patch in the works, possibly more to reduce loading times further in the future as well.

Elimin82829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

How would you know blur is better than MNR if you haven't even achieved a simple trophy like "create a kart in studio or visit the paint shop"? those are simple trophies. IF you had at least gotten those, ok but c'mon. You haven't achieved any, complain about load times which means you haven't played it yet. You say loading killed it indicating that you don't like it yet you go on about it being a great game.

This is your quote... "I enjoy Mod Nation racers very much" yet loading killed it?

Gun_Senshi2829d ago

If I buy this game I want to make Crash Team Racing Maps XD

Montrealien2829d ago

lol, I will be the first to download those. The first Crash kart racer Naughty dog mad was a great game. So was Jak X imho. Naughty dog track packs ftw!

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The story is too old to be commented.