Digital Chumps: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

Digital Chumps writes: "Even the harshest critics will struggle to find fault in its symphony of imagination, execution, and polish, while fans will cherish its brilliance for years to come as one of the very best games in history. Quite simply put, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the reason I still play videogames. And for that, it deserves the highest praise I can possibly bestow."

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eagle212955d ago

"One of the best in gaming history." :)

I have absolutely no doubts about that. :)

Seferoth752955d ago

I checked Metacritic. It was at 91 but shot up to 96 putting it beside Uncharted 2. The amount of hate that is going to be unleashed over the next few weeks is going to be huge.

eagle212955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Let those idiots hate, who cares? It's 97 as of right

Millah2955d ago

The hatred is of course a given. God forbid anyone praise a game for being great.

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