PS3 restocked at retailer amid limited status

Retailer this week restocked Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 following limited availability of the product due to strong demand.

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interrergator3132d ago

more to restock kuz that way there everybody can have one i remember that problem wit the wii and wen the fat ps3 came out

zootang3131d ago

Sorry i can't understand words like Wit and Kuz

Is it still one per customer though?

madmonkey03131d ago

what does u, kuz and wit mean?

TOO PAWNED3131d ago

Dude LEARN English first, ok

Montrealien3131d ago

yeah, shipments where getting sent at the end of this week, we will finally be getting some tuesday. And yes, amazon is only one per customer, if it was not I would buy 30 right now.

gta28003130d ago

I ordered mine from Amazon 2 days ago but it hasn't shipped yet! I'm hoping I get the new model. People who recently purchased it there are getting mixed shipments, old and new models.

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sikbeta3131d ago

Sony, you Better start making PS3s 24hs non-stop cos Demand Will Be freaking Huge


Like I said, the demand of PS3's will increase massively after E3.

Anarki3131d ago

And as soon as GT5 is announced/released..

Cueil3131d ago

decrease massively on an impending launch of PSP2 (which is rumored to use a 4spu Cell)

Imperator3131d ago

Why would PS3 demand be affected by a PSP2 announcement? That's very unlikely.

karl3131d ago

SONY manages to beat the 360 before the end of the year.. it would be awesome

DaRazorback3131d ago

I think Sony is planning on releasing new bundles after E3 and are limited the supply so they can build it all up for those bundles.

Brklynty13131d ago

i bet the 40n models will spring out after E3 or gamescom like around september

Jihaad_cpt3131d ago

Cell 45nm & RSX 40nm you mean

NeoBasch3131d ago

I thought they were already spotted in the wild. There might be a new bundle or two, but this new shipment's probably it. I'm guessing this is Sony's attempt at trying to meet the demand, which I'm sure they'll fail at again. More shortages to come, especially after E3.

MGRogue20173131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I bought my MINT PS3 250GB Slim off of eBay from a genuine seller for £220.00! :P

Good look on finding one though guys, Such an Amazing machine.. so very quiet. It beats my Xbox 360 Elite 120GB (Falcon) in every single way. :)

Eiffel3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I bought my PS3 Slim from SonyStyle, right before the backorders. I felt lucky. Good luck to everyone else.

Damn. I just rechecked SonyStyle, they are no longer selling PS3s. Wow.

That's demand for you.

trancefreak3131d ago

i just bought another slim after the bestbuy restock in april. i have 2 slims and my og 60gb which is starting to freeze up unfortunatly.

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The story is too old to be commented.