Wired Fans: The 10 Worst Sports Games Ever

"We’ve compiled our list of the worst sports video games to date. We know not everyone will agree with us, but that’s fine. It’s all opinion anyway. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Also, check out our picks for best sports video games to date."

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cain1412801d ago

When you try to make a movie into a sports game, yeah it is going to blow...

BetaChris2801d ago

I can honestly say I have never, and will never play any of those certifiably awful games. Glad to know I'm not missing much ;)

cain1412801d ago

I played a good bit of them. It was painful...

midi2801d ago

A tough job but someone had to do it...

johnbknight2801d ago

Those are pretty awful, for every Epic game, there is one that makes u pound ur head into the wall...

cain1412801d ago

I think with sports games you get a lot of clunkers out there...

johnbknight2800d ago

For sure, so games just don't pay much attention to details sports fans care about, or use a bad engine...

colon2800d ago

Whoever did that article did a poor job. Or maybe he just thinks sports games didn't exist prior to the PS2 and Xbox?