The "Violent Games Make Violent Gamers" Myth

Talking about the press twisting the truth and how the brain sees games as simulations.

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AAACE52800d ago

You know what I have always found strange about this? They say videogames make people violent because they are simulating killing living creatures.

Yet, centuries ago, kids used to go out and hunt and fight in wars in real life and that didn't turn them into crazed killers!

What they are really trying to do is cover up the fact that society is f****d up, and that there are alot of people naturally born with mental issues. These issues would have come up in some form or another, but they look at games as an easy source to place blame on.

gameslowdown2801d ago

sorry, fixed (all of them)

sjeen662800d ago

Mature games not for kids ...if u play crash or mario no kids will ever do this
i was playing since i was 5 and i didnt do somthing
like shoot someone or slash another ...
some ppl are just crazy that`s all

kraze072799d ago

Mature games are for anyone mature enough to play them. Kids may not be matured physically but some can be mentally. Sorry, but I hate it whenever someone says mature games aren't for kids. It'd suck to be your kids.

asdr3wsfas2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )


ExgamerLegends22800d ago

Wouldnt call it 100% true.

It's ridiculous to say that the things you take in dont have an effect on you. This is true for games music and movies. If you play alotta games with alotta swearing you might start swearing more (aside from KZ2 which will drive you to hate swearing with a passion). But I dont think playing gta or rdr will make you go out and kill someone....... or tie them to a railroad track O.o.

I read a study about the effects of music and it showed that ppl who listen to music with alotta swearing will start to swear more. But swearing doesnt physically harm someone. Its different than violence. I doubt a guy would walk out of a theater after seeing Ninja Assassin and try to cut someone's head off.

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The story is too old to be commented.