5 Ways to Improve Star Trek Online: A Trekkie's Wish List

Bright Hub Writes: "While Cryptic has done much in the past few months to improve Star Trek Online, I think few would argue that the game is perfect. There are some features that players are clamoring for and others that were included that seemingly serve no real purpose as of yet.

While I'm sure every STO player has their own wish list for new features that would improve the game, I'm just arrogant enough to present a few of mine here, in the hopes that they'll someday find their way into the game. Wouldn't it be awesome to hijack a Romulan ship or be able to design holodeck missions for other players? If those are too lofty, how about we start with more realistic 3D movement in space?

A Trekkie can dream, can't he?"

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Muckbeast2925d ago

Great list of improvements. Cryptic should take heed!

Ironfungus2925d ago

But let's not kid ourselves, Muckbeast.

Axll2924d ago

Really well thought out list!