DoubleJump, Version 2.5, Episode 6: Now 10 Dollars Extra

GrE writes, "On this episode Scott and James are joined by Bill (also from 3SMOV) and discuss games we are currently playing like Just Cause 2. We also may have talked Bill into a GameFly subscription and will also accept a sponsorship from GameFly Inc as well. We also have a rather in depth conversation about EA’s new online business model and the fact that Ubisoft is probably going to go the same route and Sony’s rumored subscription for PSN..."

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starven2741d ago

The return of Double Jump...hopefully?

bgrundman2741d ago

They have been returned for a while now...

roblef2741d ago

Yeah, seriously, man. Where you been? ;)

roblef2741d ago

Looking forward to this one.

darkroomdemons2741d ago

I should really pick these up every week. I miss the sweet timbre of all your voices soothing me into an 8-bit dreamland.